WTF! A rap music video I made in high school ended up on a blog today

[media=youtube]f1LmGygZNUk[/media] this was just released a few days ago

Canadians don’t cipher to beats? I used to freestyle/ battle. Rhymes are the easy part.

I watched those KOTD videos before. Kid Twist was murdering that shit.

Good shit though bro. Keep doing you I guess.

yeah, I was just fucking with yall that aint me.


Aye whit boyy!

your name crimsons cuz your hair reed?



those vids were embarrassing. no flow, delivery and it doesnt rhyme. The hosts laughs throughout his rounds he is litterally the joke and doesnt realize it.

Im 25, hes 20. Hes white, Im not.

[media=youtube]ZPeHk4WMWpY"[/media] :lovin:

Thank god if thats true.

Mista Conspiracy.

right? its all in the name! its a conspiracy!

Word up.

You’ve given us some facts, but were they pulled out thin air? I understand the back peddling, if that’s what it is.

yeah i wholeheartedly believe you are that man

Ketchup??? Really?

I actually like this guy lol…
hes like a white canadian Eli Porter.

i could not watch the whole thing it hurt me inside too much.

im not big on rap battles but i would watch something like this

It’s like the character Weird Al plays from Amish Paradise.


that link plus the original version of the battle have hereby redeemed this thread.

One thing to mention however is people’s need to look hard for no reason and start a stupid fight. It’s a battle, when don’t people get in each other’s faces. What a dick.

On a funnier note, hoodies, jackets, caps and beanies all over the floor when the fight thins out :lol:

I love how you post Crimzon…step 1, talk about yourself. Step 2, get laughed at by SRK. Step 3, cry. Step 4, claim you’re somebody else, and yell at everybody for laughing at your AIDS infested bankrupt monkey ass