WTF, a tournament fighters/mutant warriors thread?! meh, whateva

WTF, The Official Tournament Fighters/Mutant Warriors thread??!!

please, do not attempt 2 reload this page, or try 2 adjust your monitor. And no, i do not suffer from head trauma. ok, maybe a little. but seriously though, i wuz really bored and this is a pretty decent fighter from KONAMI:eek: yeah, i know, “but its old as dirt” u say. “it wuz on snes, man. dis is 2003 we live in now” u say. well dammit, I DONT CARE!!

besides, this game ruled b4 super SF was released on the snes ( at least in my neighborhood).

anywayz, tmnt:tournament fighters (mutant warriors in japan) was and still is a pretty solid fighter, compared 2 other fighters (whos names i wont bother 2 mention) w/ “assist chars” filling up the screen and “roll canceling”.good 1 “CRAPCOM”. well enough jabber about broken games, on to TF!

i will 1st start by stating that i have no real human vs human experience w/ this game. all of the strats and tricks i learnt was from dukin it out w/ the cpu. i resently started gettin back into TF, and i’ve been on and off w/ playing for the past 3 yrs. if there’s anyone out there that still plays this game (for god knows what reason) and u live in the NYC area, holla at me via PM. i need 2 experiment w/ traps and modify them if nessary.

here’s a futile atempt to compose a ranking/tier chart (like u care). any comments/objections, feel free 2 post.

Kairi and Rat King not included

tier 1
C. Shredder (“turtle” god)
Raph (best normal anti-air, good FB traps)
Armaggon (rush dat ish down, mean FB setups)

tier 2
C. Dome (sim/gief hybrid, ow)
Mike (nasty redizzy, mutagen meter build fast!)
W. Nut (the OG triangle jumper, can u say magnus/12)
Asuka (nasty mind games w/ spin move + uppercut)

tier 3
Leo (has a ryu feel 2 him, semi-good FB traps)
Don (billy kane action!,zone like a mutha)

bottom feeder
War (srongest non-boss char,rediculous prioity, too slow)

I’ll post some deep strats and combos later. Also i’ll post about IRreversable Grab Glitches (IRGGs what i titled it as). but i dont resort 2 dat cheap shit.

Bah, who am i kidding, u probably left this thread long ago.:bluu:


I repeat: i do not suffer from brain damage/head trauma.

I think I remember this game :slight_smile:

Isn’t Asuka that girl who can ram you with the ass charge attack?

U ppl really DONT care about this game

im starting 2 think that ppl dont play this game. mabye this thread woulda got more attention on “fighting discussion”. naah, who am i kiddin, no it wouldnt.

anywayz, i still dont care and im still bored(no DC controller to play 3s w/) so here r some combos fo-dat-ass.

Cyber Shredder

1)cross-up w/ deep HK, low LPx3–>aura knee 5-hit

2)jmp HK, low FP–>FP aura crusha 4-hit

3)opponent in corner, shredder 3/4 screen away
aura shield,FP aura crusha, low FP–>HK aura knee 4-hit

  • reflect slow projectile only then time the crusha to end just b4 the FB hits, finally link the low FP to end the combo

4)while opponent is rising in corner
FP aura crusha(last hit-frame), low LPx2–>FP aura crusha 4-hit


1)air-dash, cross up deep HK, stand HK
*i think u can link into several low LKs after the stand HK, not sure though

2)bread & butta
air-dash/jmp HK, low LKx4

3)air-dash, cross up w/ deep HK, low LPx5~7
*the deeper u land the airdash HK the more low LPs u can land

4)cross-up, MAD SECTOR! =)
*i know this is lame, but it does 90%+ damage if you do it properly.


1)cross up w/ HK, low LKx4–>HK chest buster

2)full screen
LP jamboree, HP power drill


1)jmp HK, low LPx2–>LP rapid bo stab
*hold back during rbs to move safely away from the opponent

2)jump DEEP FP,FP rapid bo stab (HOLD FOWARD!)
*b sure 2 hold toward your opponent to rackup a possible 5 hits! ow, damage

3)opponent rising in corner, Don about 1/4 screen away
LP ground claw, FP ground claw
*the VERY TIP of the LP ground claw must hit deep in the opponent’s back ala ryu/ken style. also u can subsitute the FP gc w/ a FP rbs(hold foward) for one hit


  1. cross-up HK, low LPx3–>LP rising thunder

2)mike about 1/2 screen
LP dragon breath, low HK

3)mike about 1/2 screen
LP dragon breath, MIKE BARRAGE T.(super)

4)vs all turtles + armaggon, 1/4 screen or closer
*uuum, this combo REDIZZIES, so feel free 2 lather, rinse, and repeat :wink:

okay im done…4 NOW. i’ll be back with PT.2 of “COMBOS-FO-DAT-ASS”.


2 lay-z 2 write binary code…


I just got this game the other day–it’s fun!

yeah im sorry asuka, war, and wingnut = top.

Raph is probably the Best of all the Ninja Turtles, but cant compete when it comes to others.

I’d have Leo second tier at least. His standing fierce was one of the best pokes in the game that didn’t come from Chrome Dome. His anti air is also pretty good. Endless screw is one of the worst specials of all time tho.

We had a tourney here recently and Armaggon is tops, shredder can beat him if he gains a lead and turtles with reflectors. Armaggon is a beast.


Armaggon is definitely overpowered. I played about 30 matches my Leo vs. my friend’s Armaggon and I was constantly frustrated by his sweep and jumping rh. He’s got fireball + dp (although they are charge moves), and he’s got normals like cvs2 blanka. Too good!

Heh just picked this game up, seems fun. The computer Chrome Dome has done something like a spinning piledriver a bunch of times, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Anyone know? And is there a definitive tier list (bosses excluded) for this game?

I like how you can keep charge in this game by using diagonals… Throw a boom, then immediately flash kick. :slight_smile:

why wont this game just DIE!

lemme guess, u used the search engine to revive this crappy thread?
jeez, these TF threads keep ressurecting, but i cant seem to find any1 to play me.

anyway, the answer to your question is (close)d,u+lp+lk. yea, its THAT simple. c. dome is one of my best chars and one of the nastiest in the game. hes the only other char aside from w.nut that can use chain combos to actually combo (i.e. crch lk(x3), crch lk+hk. he has an over head (jp [early] hp). and unblockables off of his lp grab . :tup: no wait :tdown: . cheap.

its very similar to the ‘turbo blanka’ trick (horizontal ball->vertical ball). e.g. w/ armaggon: charge db,df+p (this keeps charge for shark upper) then ub+p (this gets u an early charge for another sonic blast (his fb). the same applies to mike.

some1 play me in this next wk fri or sat, otherwise stop reviving TF threads. im tired of revealing strats that r never going to b used.

edit: just looked at the tier sheet; MAN is that shyt out of date. wtf was i thinking. shredder tier 1?! don tier 3?! yea, right.

come over and we’ll play it, bring arturo and jeron as well and whoever else who plays it and i’ll have yummy chips and salsa…

man i have no friends…

Yeah, I used the searchy alright. I would definitely play you if I lived within a reasonable distance of NY, but DC is kinda far away.

So Shredder isn’t top tier then? What’s your new idea of a tier list for this game?

Tell me that for the tourney for this you banned Rat King / Karai. TELL ME THIS IS TRUE.

uh, never had a (serious) tourny 4 this. in case u didnt notice, this is (or was supposed to b a strat thread). anyhow, i wouldnt b retarded enough to NOT exclude r. king and karai. those r boss and i mean BOSS characters. there too phukin cheap.

heres what i remember from the last tier sheet (myself,arturo,and jeron designed)

tier A

tier B

tier C
w. nut

tier D
c. shredder

tier E

I dunno, shouldn’t Mike be a little higher because of his ChargeB2sec, F+P? On a deep blocked hit where all of the hits are guarded this lets him build meter like CRAZY…also his anti-air c.d2sec,u+p is TOO fast…

yea, your right. im concidering swaping w.nut w/ mike now. w. nut has too many bad match ups (mainly against the turtles). as for mikes hp cannonball, it isnt that great since it can b crouched and countered pretty easily. and yes, if u do manage to land one u get a mess load of bar , but his super sucks (right EVERDRED?). the moment mike has bar , all u have to do is jump around franticly to avoid the super. he’ll land 1 hit as an anti air and miss the rest. althought his super is unblockable , there arent many guaranteed situations where he can actually land it.

lastly, cd,u+lp IS rediculously fast. there where times where i’d walk up to my friend to try and bait a lp rising thunder and…BAMM!! i’d get hit before i can even hit back to block.

cool trick w/ mike: backdash>rising thunder: charge d then db,d,db(really fast and hold the last db), then u+lp. well any punch really. lp r.t. is better though.

anybody care to challenge me for some online tf play? i’ll b avail all weekend, just PM me. what’s REALLY good?

dude, i got u plenty times with the super, u cant jump frantically all day your bound to get hit with a body splash or a rising thunder… dont steal mike away from me… he’s all i have…=(

u like my whiff cannonball into hk throw huh? its funny when i mash on throw and u died to a hard kick to the face on wake up… this game is too good… but alas playing it for extended periods of time against u makes my head feel like its going to explode… my eyeballs were bleeding

goddamn chrome dome… lucky i know how to spam fireballs now hahaha… that still wont let me excape that combo of doom u pull… next wednesday try and bring atleast one more player. so we can switch off.


also u gotta send me dangerdoom over aim during the weekend dont forget! i’ll send u some mf doom and madvillian one song at a time.

Yo leo dont suck god damit

Yes Flash fight for low - tier