Wtf: Better Computer, Crappier Kaillera

Um, wtf. I just got a brand new computer, much faster in every way than my old one, and my kaillera games just got worse.

The button delay is the same… what’s worse is that it frame skips more while playing online. When I play offline, it doesnt skip frames at all, and runs smoothly, but online, its choppy as hell.

I got dual core 2.8Ghz processors, 1 Gig of ram, and a ATI 600 something or other graphics card.

Hmm, you didn’t mention which emulator you’re using. Final Burn by any chance?
If it’s Mame 64 you can go into options and disable Netplay autoframeskip.

That might be my problem too, since I’m rolling on an 8mbps cable connection and still lag during match play.

Does Kawaks have an option like that?

More often than not my games definitely are missing some frames.

Why exactly does it frameskip anyway? And what’s the use if you can turn it off for better performance?

Thanks, turning off the netplay autoframeskip worked.

My advice is just don’t use kawaks. You’re limiting the number of people you can play by a lot if you do.

Frameskip does exactly what it sounds like. Skips a few frames, so the game will be less taxing on your computer but still run at a decent speed. Doesn’t always work out that way though.