Wtf?!?!?!? Blockable denjin

IDK if its been posted somewhere yet, but i saw this on youtube, and hadone of the biggest WTF?!?! moments ever. Goukens new denjin ultra is blockable, talk about epic fail. Isnt denjin stuff supposed to be unblockable?? anyway, looks like they already got off to a bad start with tweaking the old man. much sadness :tdown:

Keep in mind that the game is by no means set in stone and things are subject to change.

I find the fact that we have a controllable Ultra interesting. That is, we’re able to execute it and hold charge to perhaps mess with people’s approach towards us whilst charging. Depending on the maximum charge period, this could be quite useful. I agree that its a shame that it is blockable as an unblockable Denjin is kinda the whole point. This should literally be renamed to Shin Hadoken or whatever in its current state. On the plus side it does good chip damage and it appears to travel very fast.

As it stands currently, the Shin Shoryuken remains the preferable choice for me. Massive damage, solid options and extremely versatile. The current Denjin looks like it will get passed over lest Capcom ‘fix’ it. Hell, even those present in the room let out a chorus of disappointed groans and its pretty obvious these guys are not Gouken users.

A fireball Ultra was expected for Gouken but right now it looks very ho-hum. Lets wait and see how things pan out.

if you can combo denjin after a random hp. fireball, it is superior to ultra 1.
we couldnt expect an unblockable fireball in a game without parries anyway.

There’s too much we don’t know about the Denjin right now to write it’s usefulness off completely. Like Gamogo said, the chip on it is decent enough to use as a tactic. Another thing to notice is the recovery, which to me looks as if Gouken’s got advantage on block. I can see that already having an application.

I’m not sure why people were expecting this to be unblockable. It would make a mockery of the SF4 system. If it was, it would mean that the only way out of it on wakeup is a move with invincible startup which in most cases will require at least one meter. That, straight away, isn’t fair.

Also, as I mentioned in one of the threads in the SSF4 section, the only vid (That I’m aware of) where we see this Ultra II in action is the Gouken Vs. Abel fight where Abel blocks the move. We still don’t know what that move can do on someone who isn’t blocking and what kind of effect a fully charged Denjin has yet. I would like to believe that charging the move affects more properties than just simply damage.

Too early to tell the properties of the move. However, based off previous experience with these “Charge Up” moves, it will be useless to most people. I would even go as far as saying it’s mostly useless in general. Anything that requires you to charge up for a while is HORRIBLY telegraphed and easily dodged/countered. However, if it’s easily combo-able, it might just be something new to mess with.

The following vid is some “practical” Denjin Hadoken use with Ryu in SF3. If it has the same properties, then the Denjin will do a HUGE amount of stun, and probably 1/4 life damage (about 250) at most.


My gripe with how it’ll work with Gouken, if you toss this at the end of combos and you stun people with this, you’re going to have some REALLY bad scaling on your next combo. For example, BnB Launch combo in the corner. You more than likely scored a FA/Jump-in, s/c.HP into EX Launch, toss a HP FB, Denjin. You’d probably peg them for 500 dmg already. Now they’re dizzy…your next combo will do 100 at most. 600 damage would be nothing to laugh at mind you, but if I’m tossing an ultra in the corner, a Shin Shoryuken will do more.

However, in reset combos, if you land this thing, you’re almost guaranteed a win. I don’t know how many times I’ve done corner reset ultra and dealt some 800-900 damage on someone (or outright KO’d them). Reset combos with this in-mind where it’s the 2nd or 3rd hit of a reset will net you a dizzied opponent and more than likely another BnB Launch combo, giving you HUGE amounts of quick damage.

IF we can use this as anti-air, and it launches them up a bit allowing a follow-up palm strike or even a tatsu, this thing will be highly annoying.

Last note, I CANNOT WAIT for Super to drop!

Not sure if any of you noticed either, but his F+Strong overhead is well faster now.

My suggestion to capcom is that they dont over think this one. Scrap denjin, Name it something along the lines as forbidden gohadoken. Make it juggleable like the tiger cannon and metsu hadouken. Basically what im saying is that they should scrap the denjin since its not gonna fit into SF4. And just give us a practical ultra that does standard damage and can juggle. I mean theres gotta be a practical use for Tatsu FADC besides to set up mixup and this is the perfect opportunity

i want to follow my fireballs with ultra fireball instead of palm for chip.
i think they are calling it denjin because it causes stun.
most ultras and supers do not cause stun.

He’s already got an effective, strong and juggleable Ultra that can be landed in a variety of situations and for little meter cost.

I don’t think denjin will be that bad, I’m betting it’ll be more useful than shinsho actually.

What are the uses for shinsho? In a combo, and to hit things that you see coming (like any other ultra). That’s about it really.

If denjin is safe on block (which it appears to be), then it can be used as an easy wakeup attack (possibly). It might be easier to use as anti-air (and from farther ranges too) than his shinsho. It looks like we’ll be able to easily combo it off an ex-palm, and even upward fireballs. It may even be good to punish fireballs and the like. Projectile supers can actually be pretty damn useful outside of combos, providing they have decent startup, invicibility, etc. Maybe he can do the whole throw-a-fireball-then-throw-out-a-super-when-they-jump-the-fireball thing that Seth and Ryu do. We just don’t know yet. Who knows, maybe it’ll help cover up some of those defensive holes in his game?

Maybe it’s weak, maybe it’s beastly… I’m betting it won’t be too shabby. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, throw it out in the middle of a fireball war. Would be epic. At least the animation doesn’t look as goofy as Akuma’s!

never really expected for it to be unblockable. There aren’t parries, so it wouldn’t be fair. I wish someone would’ve experimented with it more, see what the 2 different effects are, and see if maybe its comboable off of ex dash palm, or jumping strong. I bet it does a lot of stun if it connects.

Things that could make it not useless:
It combos off of ex palm without FADC mid-screen and juggles after an anti-air fireball.
It does alot of stun.

If it ends up not doing either I don’t see it being useful.

Looks to be a waste of a ultra right now. Even if it does stun after it connects off combo’s, the damage scaling will be so shit that you’ll do more damage with just a proper combo into shinsho. At least with Shinsho you can also psychic someone’s moves, or use it as a reversal wake-up, or even get a free Shinsho after a back-throw.

Hopefully it will be tweaked later.

Yes but if something like j.hp, s.hp, ex palm, Denjin is an instant stun (at least for low stun characters), that shit would be mad useful in some matchups. Even with the damage scaling.


It wall bounces.

^ It does a bunch of hits with no charging?? That’s nice! Hopefully we’ll be able to use it like a shinku FB…

Looks better than I had anticipated… and wallbounce? I hope that’s a float, so you can land an easy dash palm (or air tatsu!) afterwards. Hell, if in the corner, that would be NASTY. Combo into EX Palm, into EX FB, into Denjin, into EX FB, into EX hurricane… lol.

Can’t wait to try it out… :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks like it did around 250-300 damage to honda with a full revenge meter, no charge and no scaling.
the best aspects of this ultra will probably require training mode to discover.

dont know if someone already posted this

looks like it has the new bounce property without any charge