Wtf can't karapalm yun/yang?

i’ve been trying for like an hour and just can’t do it… what the fuck?

I can do it 100% on EVERYONE else…

talking kara kara palm… the mp,lk~palm

where do u need to time the karapalm to connect, for some reason it seems that he goes back too far/drops too fast to do another karapalm on just these 2 characters…

or does it just not work on these 2?

I am going through the roster to make sure i can do it on everyone but them:
Char: karas/attempts
Oro: 8/10
Ryu: 9/10
Dudley: 7/10
Hugo: 10/10
Q: 10/10
Elena: 9/10
Ken: 8/10
Remy: 7/10
Makoto: 10/10
Chun-Li: 10/10
Twelve: 9/10
Sean: 9/10
Akuma: 10/10
Urien: 8/10
Alex: 10/10
Necro: 10/10
Ibuki: 9/10
Yang: I can only get 2 in period… and i have to do DP mp-genijin, f+mk x2, s.hp, kara palm, kara palm
Yun: same as above…

yea,… wtf?

i do 157 of 170 karapalms… meaning i have a 90% ratio… and i did 5 on each side, not just 10 on one side too. So someone explain to me why i cant do any karapalms in a row in yun and yang

chainxGJ, mp, f+hp, (far mk, kara palm) X 3, ender
you can also replace far mk with far fierce.
or hop kick, fierce, kara palm sets…