WTF happened to my ping?

My ping in GodWeapon is now 159 ms! That’s crazy! A couple of days ago it was 18 ms.

What’s even weirder is on that Emularena Server, my ping is 125 ms, which is fucking stupid, because I live in NYC…

Anyone know what happened to me?

Till then, back to XBL…

Its happening to me too. I’m thinking its the weather where I am because my internet speed has been affected dramatically, my dl’s speed have dropped near to that of dial up and my ping in GW has gone from 30 to 90 ms.

What’s strange is my internet speed seems normal, then when I try to play with someone my ping is horrible.

Even on XBL, for all of my games it said the network conditions are bad.

Where do you live?

EDIT: Nevermind my ping is back to 15 ms :smiley:

its the rain…lol