Wtf happened to two-hit mk?



I recall reading that in Ultra 'sims st.MK was supposed to deal two-hits so he actually has some form of answer against FA tactics that doesn’t involve just getting out of the way.

So what the hell happened to it? Why’d they change their minds? That was the ONE character change I was soooo sooooo looking forward to because it would give ol’ simmy a proper chance which, in a looot of match ups, he could bloody well use.


They said F that. Hugo got bodied. So we got HDK on blast again instead. Also Catastrophe with a fire on screen was also taken away but they gave that back too.


Just saw that. It seems a non sense.
Sim just get a little more damage in few normals (not back to super, but better than 2012), xx flame seems to connect better, flame ex is so useless now, 100 damage :smiley:

The only decent buff is the startup of b.hp that now is really fast (5f I think).

Red focus is pretty useless for Sim but it will a pain in the a** against.


I hope enough people complain about this to get a change later on in a patch or something because it’s really, really bull. This is equivalent to if they nerfed Ryu/Ken’s so that they were useless as cross-ups, so many people’d be furious that 20% of their entire game controlling options just got slashed up the wall they’d turn it back in an instant.

Goddamn man. You really need to be a megafan to stick with Dhalsim. I’d jump shit immediately if I wasn’t completely cack with any other character.


I agree with gore here. Why nerf EX flame for a juggle that’s not even guaranteed to hit.

Feetfly is right Sim players need to really complain as much as those scrubs who complained on the double mk vs Hugo day one video.


Was about to post a topic asking this. I haven’t been following the game extremely close since maybe arcade edition, but half the changes to these characters… smh. Who the hell’s going to notice M Yoga blast having -1 start up? Why nerf one of his few only decent up-close normals (B. MK) to have less pushback on block and hit? Give him a positive change that actually matters and not crap like switching Yoga Shangrilla to 3 kicks or -20 damage to EX-Yoga Flame (because EX-Yoga flame was overpowered rolls eyes).


less pushback on block and hit on is a little buff, not a nerf. No more flame whiffs, expecially after an Air Teleport.


EX is flame is now positive on block, I guess they were thinking that they couldn’t do that with out nerfing the damage…>.>
What I don’t understand is the juggle. So far , other than in the corner, I can only juggle with Why the heck would I want to reset the opponent and keep them standing for a minimal extra damage? Even in the corner this doesn’t make too much sense to me. Sometimes I really do believe characters are balanced on popularity. Yun was supposed to get nerfed bad… nahhh he’s too cool for that.

EDIT: Almost forgot. @gore r.focus is good to throw out there sometimes against Dudley if you’re cornered. God save you though if you get cornered.


I absolutely believe characters are balanced on popularity. That’s why Ryu has always been solid.

Think of it like wrestling. When someone gets super popular (“over”), they get a title shot and might even get the title. So, it’s like, if they’re really popular they get the buff. Because, generally in-story certain wrestlers are stronger or weaker based on their popularity. I think its the same with street fighter.

Although if this is the case expect Poison to be buffed to the moon.