Wtf happens in this vid?



looks like back+roundhouse

makato hit her foot? lol maybe if you dont hit the other persons body they dont get knocked down (ie hitting legs or arms)

Just a guess

that move also goes over low moves so id assume it counts as being in the air or something when she gets hit

Being hit in the air would’ve knocked her down too.

Makoto did kara EX, Elena did either HK or b+HK, the EX doesn’t connect at the proper hit frames and has a different effect. That’s my vague guess. If you pause the video, you can see the hit spark higher than it normally would be because of the extended limb.

I’ve seen a similar thing happen against Hugo in a combo video. EX oroshi xx SA2 and the super connects b/c the EX didn’t knock him down. Same thing with Yang’s close MK (but not Yun’s) and some other moves, they’re supposed to knock down but if they hit at the wrong time, they don’t. Or maybe it’s a hitbox issue and has nothing to do with timing.

elena probably doesn’t juggle even though she’s considered “airbourne”. they may just have given the move throw invincibility or something.

makoto’s ex chop doesn’t knockdown and cause long hitstun if it hits a limb. I guess the back+roundhouse moved elenas hitbox back so that only her limb was hit. The hit stun on that is so long that you can actually combo sa2 from anywhere on the screen if you super cancel

I like 1:14 better, when the hayate goes right thru Elena :wink:

It wasn’t the stun itself, it was how long she was frozen. I know that if you hit just a limb with EX Orochi, they get stunned for a bit, but I’ve never seen a character freeze so long that it looks like a glitch.

ex orochi doesn’t knockdown when you hit an extended limb

As for Hugo he takes longer to fall when hit by and ex orochi while standing allowing you to combo into abare (although you get no extra distance compaired to s fp)

BTW Elena’s b. rh and rh have zero throw invulnerability and are at no point otg, semi airborne, etc

Elena’s b.rh is much like mak’s back rh it moves her sprite back but to a greater distance than mak’s

Elena’s back + roundhouse loses to Hugo’s backbreaker, so it must be off the ground in some sense.

pokes don’t reset Elena

it doesn’t escape a meaty karakusa

they only way I can think that all of the above (including what you said)

is that its otg after the first couple of frames but grounded before the 6th frame of startup

Real noob question… what happened at 0:38? It made the parry sound, but there was no tech bonus notification.

Seems to me like a block during a forward dash…

Yes, I’m new to SF:3S :razzy:

Elena is a funny character :tup:

like i said it might just be throw immune

wtf happened to posting videos in the video thread?

Throw tech.

As stated before, the ex chop doesn’t knock down if you don’t hit the actual body. That’s how you can combo an ex chop into SA2

Can someone also tell me how the hell Makoto went right through Elana in that match.

im pretty sure elenas airborne during back roundhouse, it goes right over any low attack