WTF is Flowchart Ken?


I was looking up memes yesterday, and came across this video. I’m sure many of you have seen this, but I hadn’t (imo, it’s hilarious and well written lyrically). I’m just throwing it up for the newer players in hopes they will step outside the shoto circle, sts.


A flowchart ken is a Ken that follows a flowchart. The most typical is “Am I blocking/knocked down? Mash SRK” which is scary and powerful as fuck online because of lag spikes or you give the ken player too much credit and assume he’s not going to SRK this time.


Pretty much this.


OMG that guy is boss. That vid is funny as hell!!!


That vid is really funny. But if I lost to that guy I would not be mad at him for even a sec. I would be mad at myself…



My thread title is sarcasm at it’s finest. I’ve seen that Best Ken Ever vid before and thought it was hilarious. Especially the quote at the end.


I know, but there’s never a bad time to show the actual flowchart. Even first dates would be a perfect opportunity, and might even get you to seal the deal at the end of the night.

Protip: Girls love flowcharts. And Ken. If you show them a Ken flowchart, they’ll be all like, “OMG you can flowchart?” and you’ll be all like, “Shoryuken!” and then you’ll be shoryukening all up in the vajayjay by the end of the night.

Shoryukening with your penis. Fierce punch style even.


Fierce punch burns though. Generally not a desired after effect of sex.


Slap some Robutussin on it, and it’ll be fine.


Man, this takes me back to when Vanilla launched and the shoto invasion began. Literally 90% of the players used Ryu/Ken/Akuma and scrubbed it out in every SF game. I remember before Vanilla on 2DF very few people picked the shoto’s in SF games then right afterwards the shoto’s became the most popular characters. Reverberations still felt to this day I think.


It must be the flames, a ton of people use Ryu too but they usually use the shoryuken sparingly. However with Ken, throwing out that fierce badass flaming dragon punch is like the primary objective. Doesn’t work? What the opponent baited it out and punished you? Damn you bastard, I’ll shoryuken you to oblivion! Hurricane kick…Shoryuken! Jumping roundhouse, Shoryuken! Shoryuken, Shoryuken!


Takes me back when 3SO launched and everybody picked Ken and spammed f+mk.


To be fair, fierce DP is a great combo ender for Ken, plus you can hit confirm it for FADCs.


I feel like Kens fierce DP is the best reversal for standing pressure. Guaranteed you will snag everything with Kens than Ryu’s and Akumas F DP doesn’t, which at farther spacing only clip the opponent and leave you open for full punish.

I think thats what makes it attractive to mashers, is because its so much more reliable to hit it when you don’t wanna just block.


It also breaks armor and the multiple hits feel so good.


When you start feeling yourself. When you realize you’re Ken.


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