WTF is gaouru?

i hear people play it what is it?

Did fighter_999 hack into your account or something?

I don’t know what gaouru is, because that is nothing


Srsly, Mark of the Wolves needs more love

i mean ive never seen this game before when did it come out ? what systems? etc

garouden breakblow? :V

why is it called garou

These are the best videos you’ll ever find of Garou:





This should give you a good idea of what it’s like.

The game is called Gar? Densetsu in Japan, but they called it Fatal Fury in the US. For this one, they just stuck with Garou so we’d pronounce it correctly

It’s awesome

it aint rick rolled is it?

What the character balance like in Garou?

Did it ever take off in Japan? Have they ever done an SBO for it? Because they should.

The game is very balanced, even the boss characters are allowed because they aren’t really broke. Howard Arena in Japan plays lots of Garou, but otherwise I don’t think Garou is that popular. And no, it hasn’t been in SBO.

Holy shit, SNK ripped the hook in this strong straight from Robert Miles’ “Children.” Listen to the Garou music at about 51 secs and then watch the link below.


See for yourself.


10x: yes we know, its very well known(just like how 3s steals bond theme lol). still sounds good tho.

my face is in my palm SO HOOORD

That Rock Vs. Gato match is out of control.

Once SNK gets a bit of a facelift, it’s over.

“You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Emil again”


same result…

Those vids are fakes. They used emulation-based cheats – state freezing, etc. Check this out for more of the same type of thing:
So awesome.

EDIT: for some real Garou movies haraheri wolves ranbats are where it’s at
(click the post titles to expand and get to the movie links)

One liners FTL…