WTF is going on with european servers?

Anyone know what’s going on with all the EU servers? Bohramt, ESS(electronicdojo) and gametronik arne’t working. First it was bohramt a couple of days ago, then ESS and now GT. WTF is going on? r3ko?

Once again I can’t connect to many servers, only 2 eu ones work even with anti3d’s dll. Is yours down again r3ko? What’s up with bohramt and gametronik? They haven’t been active for ages.

Man… Its just stupid at how we here in the UK get crap for everything.

There seems to be no worthy server that is able to allow playable games to happen for me. There are some european servers but they show huge pings and im on a 2mb connection.

Its hard to accept but UK fighting game are long dead…

We are the short end of the stick sadly. I just find it wierd how all the decent servers go down. You’d think it would be the crap ones.

Well I dont see it as wierd.

Uk servers were hit the most with script kiddies and plus fighting games arnt played as much down here. Now with that add the factors that kaillera server went down for a long period of time. With all those factors at hand I dont see how people thought it was worth getting a server up and running and paying for it.

Since kaillera is back up, i’m hoping someone might start another server… But its just a hope :(.

guys i am doing my best to keep my server up, but i just moved and have no connection in my new flat. And its hard to find the time to find a comp i can access my shell account with which i run the server.

Ok r3ko, cool. Not to complain, just wondering whats going on about the others. I know your pretty busy and stuff.

hey i dont know this but ESS (electrodojo) was a relativly low ping server for me alongside some other servers.

Now they are all showing a great rise in ping… ESS was approx 20 - 40 ping but now its like 60 - 100. Even at these ping levels ESS has a huge delay too.

One other thing is that my ping is going crazy on servers one time it looks ok (100) and then it would change to 300 +.
It effects my games too, its got such a huge delay that i cant even do anything right…

Is there others with similiar probs and is there a fix?

Yeah I get crashes very often and dissconections. Very iritating. Also the random ping rise and fall but not as extreme as yours.

Someone needs to raise the arcadehits ping limit from 100 to 105.
I have a 103 ms in there, and it’s very frustrating that I can’t get in, lol.