WTF is planking, and why are dumbasses on my Facebook doing it?

As the thread title asks…

i would like to know to

Has to be the stupidest viral thing to do yet, I question the future of the united states…

Because 90 percent of the world are fucking retards.

This shit is an epidemic in my hood right now…

Because that is the only way these people have ever seen a horizontal position.

Holy shit! i asked my lil bro the exact samething last night! I tought it was some new younger kids lingo but after seeing that i regret finding out cause now i wanna slap the shit out of the people who made it up! its all over my facebook as well :expressionless:

that nigga up there enjoys sniffing ass.

wow i think ima go read a book after seeing this

I think pretty soon we’ll see DJ’s at clubs hosting plank competitions…club promoters be all over that!

oh for fuck sake… if i see anyone and i mean anyone in my town ima kick there fucking teeth in. so stupid…

are you fucking serious?

So it’s just lying down? I’m using a computer at work with no speakers so I don’t understand whatever the video would describe.

But I gather it’s just people lying down in unorthodox places. Is that really all?


I can’t comprehend this at all.

“Man, I’mma go lay down on that thing! Get pics for facebook!”
“Daaaayum! He’s really lying down on that shit!”

Do people just not read books anymore?

That has got to be one of the greatest examples of human stupidity I’ve ever seen. Thank those plankers, because once the aliens see this, they will NOT want to set foot on this planet. They will fear that their own intelligence would wither and die.

BTW, the neighbor’s dog was planking on her porch. it was NOT the same plank though. :wasted:



Planking seems pretty harmless (unless you’re an idiot like that guy who planked on a balcony and died) and who the fuck are you guys to judge others for what they enjoy? I’m sure there are many people who would say the exact same things about people playing fighting games competitively.

SRK never ceases to amaze me with it’s hate and stupidity.

[LEFT]Orochizoolander is no longer with us after planking on a shark’s head[/LEFT]

MMA fighter Jake Shields planking on some chicks boobs (not naked obviously). People are saying he’s gay since he looked awkward… =P NSFW of course.