WTF is "SpyParty"?


And why the hell would people who play fighting games care? Since when is EVO another E3?
This is pretty fucking weird if you ask me.

Love how they disabled comments on the front page too. Bullshit and they know it.


Group of friends who gather together to play I Spy?


It’s actually a pretty interesting looking game if you bother to read the 4 page manual.

You just have to be able to ignore the fact that there’s no fireball throwing or xfactor in this game.


Needs more lemons.


Is there boobs?


I’m guessing you have never been to EVO because this is a usual thing there and doesn’t stand in the way of the FG stuff.
It’s pretty boring to see the Mario Kart complaints all over again, but you can still save this thread by posting a vid of yourself tap dancing.


You ever actually been to Evo?


The simple fact that someone would be complaining about more stuff at Evo is completely retarded

Closed because if you want to whine about Evo, do it in the evo section.