WTF is this weird Dudley move?

I even did a video of it (put a combo I made up too, if you’ve seen it before, sorry, but I make up all my own shit, I don’t watch combo videos.) Anyways, on toward the move, this move is seen after the combo I do, this was told to me by Kevin from Chinatown Fair. The way you do this is HCB,F+P or PP. I’ve NEVER heard or seen this before, was just curious as to if anyone knows what this is. Check the video out to know what I’m talking about. The song is done by me, I just put it there for fun, I’m submitting it to Adult Swim.

Are you talking about Cross Counter? hcb + P (or PP) = Cross Counter.

Watch the video and see, it’s like a kara cross counter which hits first and does the cross counter last.

Uh… its exactly what it looks like. Something cancelled into the CC.

ah, wasn’t paying close enough attention.

No! It’s actually a command man, I did another video, the command for this move is HCB,F+P or PP, it’s like a glitch move, I wonder if it works in the arcade? All I know is if you do the EX one, it pushes you back real nice and far!

Hasn’t anyone tried it?

The song is by me, and I missed some combos because I haven’t slept all night because I’m trying to find if anyone else has this type of glitch move… this could be a new breakthrough in 3S…

It’s like a cross between backswing blow and crosscounter, weird.

It completely cancels a normal attack, have you tried it with MP? It changes the whole punch, like it uses one of the frames of I’m not sure, but the F+MP or just normal MP. You can do it after a HK, so if you did a standing HK, you can do HCB,F+HP and you’ll get two fierce attacks in one shot, and both do the same damage!

So basically what I’ve found is, HCB,F+:

LP = Does a veru quick jab, but ends with a very slow cross counter, leaves you close too
MP = Actually when I loko again, I don’t remember seeing this frame in his MP, but anyway, leaves you to get attacked, but less time to recover than LP
FP = I like this one, it hits them with a mad faster FP, and gives you more time to recover, but I think an SA can be fast enough to hit you back
PP = Best one, this shit can trick out someone because the move is kind of odd looking, they might think something went wrong, and when they try to jump toward you, you’re already recovered. This also pushes you back to mid screen from the corner for weird situations.

Try this out, and I hope this move can benefit for finding out other moves similar to this for anyone else!

its called the punch and cross, and yes its a real move. hcb, f +p and yes it has an ex version. im pretty sure i wrote about it in the complete dudley thread.

I’m not sure of anything about this, but I’ve never seen anyone using it, and never saw it, so I can’t say much about that. But I sure know I’m using this.

P.S., why all the fucking sarcasm? Yes I didn’t read the complete dudley list, so my fault.

Edit: Okay, now I’ve read your topic, and I see that you posted it, but you didn’t put the command (unless I’m blind.) You just say it sucks, but what I’m getting out from it is quite good. I’m gassing heads up, and I’m using the FP one when they got no meter, and they can’t hit me back too soon. The EX one is mad dope, push to mid screen, I’m feeling it, better than a back dash.

If you feel like burning meter for the hell of it, just do the ex cc version w/out hitting anything. The CC won’t even come out

it might work against noobs/scrubs. against good players u might be able to get it to hit once on a fluke. using it consistantly will get you comboed low into super.

its a really shitty move.

I guess I’ll give it a whirl and see what the comes up, I like using stupid useless moves to make people mad… I guess I’ll use it once or twice per match to gas heads up… could be useful for making people wiff supers :smiley:

no, not once or twice per match lol, it leaves u completely vulnerable man. its only gonna make u mad if u use it, cuz ur gonna be like wow why did i use this gay move. AND u still take damage.

u’ve never seen this move before? people kill the opponent usually with this move =\

wow the 2nd thread about cross counter now :wink: this is awesome…

Ya it got me all excited and stuff

wow awesome music. you made it yourself?