WTF is this?!

They start younger each year don’t they? Man that mule keeps getting farther and farther away.

lol at the comments (blk people getting mad and defending bush)

What the fuck is this stupid ass site?

I lol’d. hahaha.

Man that kid is serious business.


:rofl: :rofl: Bounty Hunters?!

Wow he is reading off a script badly.

This is sad actually.

can’t this little guy get in trouble for this?

Well considering he is reading off a script, sounds more like his parents or brother or something like that.

I found it on another forum, blew my mind, figured id share it with srk.

the intelligence of some people is just astonishing to me…

Seriously, isn’t threatening the President a federal offense?
(Holy shit I almost said a Bannable offense, I spend too much time on here).

Considering he’s a kid, they can’t do anything that bad to him. The people that are gonna get it bad are the parents and anybody else that was involved in this.

is ashamed of skin

nevertheless, video gallery.

This is a bunch of shit.

Clearly this is doctored. It’s no coincidence that the audio track doesn’t match the nigga’s lips.

How could a kid this young even know how to use these words? This is some shit out of Family Guy or the Boondocks.

And yes, if they find out where this came from I’m pretty sure niggas will go to jail/silenced (killed) by the feds.

He’s a kid but… he ain’t bullshitting yo!


That’s Kenard yo, Bush gonna get got like Omar.

This guy might grow up to be a threat in 16 years

i say kill the kid

The sound is off, not different. The child is clearly saying what he’s saying.

“'cuz imma shoot him here and then ima kill myself again and them ima make an another video in heaven and then ima kill him again up there AHHAH”

… O_O