Wtf is up with captains sheild slash

Him and TaskMaster are driving me crazy.

How do you push block or get around this? I mean people bitch about ryu’s and dooms derping it out but shield slash is beyond annoying and worst of all I keep getting hit with it.

Is there a trick to this or its like vergil/Ghost riders online bullshit thats hard to get around since the frames are fucked up.

Yeah yeah I know touch of death combo them or level up since everyone is godlike.

Im just a decent player that just learned how to OTG some combos lol

Also how good is spidey swing? It seems to get around everything…

Task/hawk/cap is about the cheapest team ive come across recently.

if you block it while it’s coming at you and then hit Cap it will not hit you on the way back

You just have to hit him after the shield leaves his hands, then you don’t have to worry about the hit on the way back.

Or you can zone him out, since Cap’s shield has no durability and if you’re zoning properly you shouldnt get hit by charging star

You can air throw punish web swing

Captain America is so overrated. He’s safe if he hits you both times, but you can interrupt after blocking the shield on the first hit or if he spaces it wrong, you can punish after getting hit by it. Just either zone him from full screen or rush him down. He owns the mid screen against most characters.

proper zoning will work well, as the shield cannot trade with much of anything projectile-wise. either that or just continuous blocking, cap players tend to get impatient and start to make mistakes if you aren’t getting hit.

We have a thread about durpy stuff already.

oh wait you meant task woops

Ahh yeah, he didn’t mention spidey at all. Sorry for confusion

U jelly? :smiley:

We have sub forums for character specific topics. Go there for discussions on how to beat a specific character.