WTF is up with GGPO!?




Its cuz you cheap ass FAGGOTS aint donatin LOL!




I think it’s being DDoS’d. A friend of mine e-mailed Ponder and he said he thinks so too. The forum was offline for a while too but it’s back now, it’s just difficult to connect to GGPO (not impossible like before) and it’s a gamble whether you will be able to connect to someone or not.


Yeah. What’s been said is consistent with my two biggest guesses as to what’s going on since the weekend(and they are guesses) which are ddos and server overload (the same thing essentially but I meant one as in its malicious ad the other as upgrade the damn servers! Lol


its just you cause your a snitch ass chapete


The question is what are we going to use for an alternative in the mean time? Supercade is okay but the lag can be pretty bad with some connections. I have nFBA and get pretty good connections with that, the only problem is we would have to arrange games to get any use out of that.


Nevermind, seems like GGPO is working now. Got in on my first try at least.


Who the hell would want to ddos GGPO? Less than a few hundred people around the world use it, lol.




Also 'cause and snitch-ass chapete


I blame anime virgins. ST is just too manly and raw.


i cant log in


Yeah, same here. Forums are down again too.