Wtf is up with kaillera

0 servers
wont connect to anything either

gg no re

Anyone knows anything about why kaillera is down?

Even the Anti3D’s servers list is down.

I’m looking for a way to mount another master servers list.

wow 3s? daymn

The mysteries of page two BEHOLD

You can try to get the server ips !

My best guess is he picked up and ran. Common bussiness practice in those parts of the world (actually everywhere). Etai Hugi ruined Kaillera for all of us. Ooooh he bought the rights/code. He can do whatever he wants with it. Since he bought it, did he even give a beta or even a inkling of wtf he’s doing to it? Nope. Nothing but empty broken promises. All talk no action. Since he’s a businessman I don’t he’ll give shit out for free anyways. He’s got plans. They just don’t include us. Boooooooo

All the more reason to get on GGPO or P2P.
Kaillera is old hat.

kalliera was a peice of crap, nothing but lag, macross cheaters, and most of all flamers

But it had the most games(via mame) :frowning:

Yeah currently , If I wanna play 3s straight away I’d join the EU server and have a game going within 2 minutes.

I do have nFBA with p2p also and agree its better, but its not the same for hooking up and having a quick game.

I’d play on GGPO in a heart beat if it could play SF3.


WTF? maybe it can?

So putting all the drama aside, the only excuses people use for playing on kaillera these days:

  • support more than 2 players in games as all its alternatives seem to lack this part
  • support for a wider range of platforms and games
    anything else to add to the list?

Even if a new official kaillera version is released, it wont make it through the winter. Unless some serious unofficial development kicks in. Supra might keep supporting it so he can get some donation custom programming done or however he puts it. Even then they can only delay its decay. Facts are facts and people should stop blaming the new owner. I should also thank the nullDC coders for not using the kaillera libraries. Even if it was unplayable, newbs would be all over it just like they were when CPS3 got emulated. If people can get over kaillera the community can move forward faster.

yeah one more, no port forwarding issues.

I can’t connect to anyone on GGPO :bluu:

but I totally agree with you!