WTF is up with my browsers?

There are some site where I can’t view the images on the page and its really annoying


None of the images load at all in Firefox or IE. Am I missing some sort of plugin or something?

Thanks for the help

probably malware/spyware. if you haven’t already - go download the free version of Ad-Aware.

for an easy fix, try emptying your cache

those images loaded for me

Seen I’ve already got Ad-Adware. Guess I need to get the new version. Thanks for the tip I would of never guessed it could be some spyware.

not sure if that was sarcasm or not… but i’ve had spyware give me similar trouble before. like shoo, the pics loaded for me too - and upon inspection they don’t appear to be anything exotic - just your garden variety jpeg’s and gif’s… which pretty much rules out plug-ins.

as to ad-aware, unless its an old version, all you really need to do is keep your definitions current. however the disclaimer on that link is:

good luck

No dude I wasn’t being sarcastic at all.

Thanks again :tup: