WTF is wrong w/ new mas sticks?

i have ordered like 10 new sticks now all different versions and none of them work for mvc2 ??? i mean i can play on them and all but it just seems like 1 magor thing is wrong w/ all of them like

  • 1 cant do uppercuts very well
  • other ones cant dash triangle verywell
  • other ones the suppers don’t come out 1 way
    lol which is limiting me from playing my best !
    AlL I WANNA KNOW IS how do all the top players have perfect sticks
    and the p360 is a piece of crap, which is supposed to b the best for marvel ???
    is thier a simple way to mod them so they work ???

switch sticks

Are you sure it’s the sticks?

lol :lol:

Well I guess they are new P360s, which are supposedly crap. The older ones are the good ones.

Because 360’s suck.

JJ tactics i sent you 2 pm’s. the 1st pm got sent too early, disregard that one. the 2nd pm is the one you want to read. infact i’ll just post the info here too.

sup my canadian nigga!! I remember you from Evo 2007, u came up and chilled in our room. So i decided to take the time and write this up, its some really good info!

So basically there are 2 problems. I have personally come up with near perfect fixes for both problems. I can say this because i had made many custom sticks especially for the dreamcast Mvc2. Trust me nothing bugs me more than “shitt” stick to play on. Unfortunately i do not make sticks any longer (takes tooo much time) but fixing them i don’t mind for friends.

Here are the 2 problems:

PART1-mas pcb
for the most part mas stick pcbs sucks really bad, some work good for awhile then later crap out, some are shit from the go, and others mostly the orig first mas pcb’s were probably the better of them all. but they have all given me problems. From running some tests, it seems the VCC (controls voltage to mas pcb) is the culprit for causing problems. The VCC doesn’t seem to hold a steady voltage, and when the voltage gets too low, the dreamcast kicks in a blue screen+other problems. If you ask me why Mas doesn’t do anything about this, its becasue they don’t TEST the stick out thoroughly. they just see if it moves around and bingo, job done and it ships out asap. Don’t get me wrong the mas joystick box itself is a great but just the pcb running the show sucks! Bottom line stay away from mas PCB’s.

PART2-perfect 360 pcb
ok before back in the day P360’s were great, now the quality has dropped down big time. Its mostly the led diodes on the P360 pcb that cause troubles. They used to be made in the USA, now they are made in china, so quality is 3rd world. If the diodes don’t light up and fire across to one another or don’t fire up fully, you get the weak/weird signals making your characters feel “off” and uncotrolable. Thus making you unable to do your moves.

Here are my recommendations on these 2 problems:
(once these two problems are solved, you will be in stick heaven :bgrin:

  1. don’t use mas pcb’s. JJ tactics you need to use the dreamcast agetec pcb. (out of production but can be found on ebay). This is the sega stick with those green buttons. This is the gold standard for pcb’s and is the absolute BEST. You should almost never ever get blue screens like you can with the mas pcb. All you need is the small pcb inside of the dreamcast agetec. just gotta rewire it to the Mas. difficulty for this is prolly a 7 on a scale 1-10, depending on your electronics background.

2)need to get ahold of a good perfect 360 pcb! yeah i know its easy to say but playing on switch sticks IMHO sucks. Just an FYI, if you take apart a P360 you will see a “donut” pcb circuit with four 8 leds on it. This is what needs to be replaced. And yes you can get ahold of some good P360 pcbs. Unfortunately you just have buy a few and hope there are some good ones in that batch. This is how i have done it. These individual P360 pcbs can be bought from happ for approx $19 each. So usually i buy around 3 or so. (Item Number: 95-2469-00 PCB COMPLETE FOR PERFECT 360 JOYSTICK) go here and use the search, use the item number for a easy find

It will be a little work initially but in the end i promise your stick will be “cherry”

If you need help or got questions hit me back dawg

i have a feeling the pcbs always work differently because he builds them on the spot, mas should switch to just hacking controllers.

The same thing thats wrong with the old mas sticks… they are mas sticks.

My 360 stick sometimes doesn’t block down/back. Also some QCB, HCF supers don’t come out. I like my regular non-360 stick better. Is your P360 pretty rigid? It takes sooo long to loosen them. My non-360 mas is very loose. Bought it used so don’t know if it came that way. And I hate the MAS concave buttons (too rigid).

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When did I EVER cry to mods? The trading forum has specific rules against crapping on people’s threads… this is not the trading forum.