WTF is zangief saying when he wins?

He says something like OOraashoo, or another win quote that sounds like russian.

What is he saying?

Damn 09… aw fuck.

Seriously though, I think it’s Russian for something along the lines of “I’m #1.” With the English VA on, he says “Russian wrestling is #1,” for whatever that’s worth.

OP is talking about something he says with the English VA on.

if you have it on english, the russian quote means “Big Win” in russin. Thats what ive heard at least


actualy you are more 09 then he is didnt you learn the numbers in school

I like to imagine that he’s saying “Parachute!”

I love this 08/09 debauchery.
Anyways, last I knew it was something like
bolishoi pabeda
which was like Seventy said, Big Win, or Great Victory.
I forgot the others. I always liked to say Yo estoy tambien!

Arashoo its like “okay”

It’s “harasho” which means “good” in Russian.