Wtf itagaki? DOA4 the premier fighting game?

o noes! itagaki called doa4 the best fighting game on earth!! omgwtfbbq. rock paper scissors rofl. where’s magneto. lol vf is better.

most of srk don’t play doa4, and most of srk already know that itagaki has a ego problem.

so it’s rather silly for people to make these threads every time they read a article quoting itagaki, don’t you think?

thank you.

I wonder, if DoA were to be more in depth and stategized, would srk stop talkin shit about it?

^if srk talks shit about 3s…i dont see the doa hate stopping anytime soon

Overall depth < Fun factor.

I just don’t think DOA gameplay is that fun, no matter how “deep” it gets.

If DOA did not have boobs then it would be worse than Primal Rage.

Umm what do you expect Itagaki to say?

Whether you agree with him or not is up to you. I agree that Ninja Gaiden is the worlds premier action game, but I disagree about DOA4. Whatever.

Oh and yes this totally deserves its own thread. This is like, teh biggest deal evar oh my god.

And he likes to attack Devil may Cry to promote NG. Imo on that note…there’s no doubt that NG is good…but comparing it to devil may cry’s system ESPECIALLY 3’s is complete bullshit.

Eh, true.
Hate it or love it, I guess.

like other fighting games don’t have overexaggerated and often unrealistic depictions of women?

they dont make games about their female fighting game characters in bikinis eatings strawberries and cream off eachother

Ok, but they still have overexaggerated and often unrealistic depictions of women, right?

While it’s true that they do, DOA takes it to a whole other (jiggly) level.

With the exception of doa 1 i didn’t think it was jiggly at all.

Let the guy say what he likes, whatever helps him sleep at night

As for NG “masterpiece” and “flawless” are not exactly words i’d use to describe it

DOA’s popularity

I am sure it does but I am sure the T/A sure as hell make it close. I know of many gaming purists that don’t take DOA seriously because of the emphasize on the visuals and not the game play which in my opinion doesn’t compare to VF, SF, SC, or Tekken overall. At least it is consistently the best looking game, DOA3 had the title as the best looking game most people ever seen for a while until DOA4 took that title from it when it released on the 360 passing the torch from one game to another in the same series.

I did a bit of research on Itagaki, for an article about ’ Hype in Games’ (isn’t finished) a while back.
I haven’t played too much of DOA4 (I play and prefer other games). However, it does seem to have some ACTUAL depth in it.

Anyway, I what baffles me is. The way gamers use the whole ‘Tits & Ass’, thing, as a negative towards the series. And not really anything, in regards to the gameplay.

This is supposedly, a direct quote from Itagaki himself.

"I wanted to do something that would attract people’s attention as I worked on the DOA game. Of course, DOA is known for its bouncing breasts. Well, I didn’t come up with that idea originally. I actually got the idea from one of SNK’s 2D fighting games Garou Densetsu. Of course, when I applied it to a 3D game, it was almost too much for people.

Its weird, that no other game with various nods to fandom, get shot down.
I dunno. I can name many fighting games, with ‘Tits & Ass’ that preceed, DOA.
Killer Instinct, Garou Densetsu, the Vampire games, Mortal Kombat , etc.

I think (this is an assumption). that most players here. Don’t even know why they hate the series. lol.

Also, yes. Ninja Gaiden is CONSIDERABLY better than the DMC series.
However, without DMC. It would have probably not been, what it is now.

Boring gameplay, stupid counter system, feels sluggish

More threads about Itagaki not knowing when to shut the fuck up.


qft, talking about it is EXACTLY what pizza-face wants, bad publicity is still publicity, just let it fly.