WTF Kotaku, this stick really?

They post an article about this stick. Now first off I’m not saying this is a bad stick, I’d be happy to play on it and I’m sure that it is of workable quality. But to be honest, it is not by far the greatest stick i’ve ever seen. A lot of sticks posted on the Stick Thread surpass this by a long shot, yet Kotaku posts this.

I think that other sticks are more deserving than that one for a story.

Well there’s your problem.

I saw that too . Terrible choice . Out of all the cases that could’ve been featured they pick that? They probably were friends with the builder.

Yeah I am not sure why those sticks are featured at all, very un-cute looking, plus concave buttons are very gross in 2009.

It looks like a shoe box with buttons attached to it. I respect the original creator, but as far as Kotaku trying some tomfoolery for what may or may not be one of their friends creation goes i can’t handle that. "You can ask for “Seimetsu/Sanwa parts if you’re picky.” XD

Copycat! :rofl::rofl:


What are the chances of Markman buying that stick so he can confirm whether or not it’s as horrible as it looks? =p