WTF... No one plays rugal?

Damn I was going to come up here and get some random advice on rugal in A groove or K groove but shit… If anyone gets this, can you give me more advice so I have some kinda game with him!


Well, of course no one uses him.
He friggin’ sucks!

There are other threads already on Rugal…

PS, Rugal does not suck!

PM me and I can tell you some shit with Rugal.

Rugal dont sux…hes one of the best…hes got alot of moves that connect with other ones…plus hes got some sweet combos:cool:

What is the distinction between “moves connecting with other ones” and “combos”?



of all the posts i’ve seen you do. you’ve dissed todo, guile, and dhalsim.

not only that, you said kyosuke is good(or at least you siad he’s better than those 3 characters). you gave really useless tips, like “i rather use geese than rugal” or “here’s a tip:don’t suck”

and as for the “no one plays rugal” topic. what are you talking about? look for thread older than 30 days to find combos and stuff on him.

i truly believe rugal is one of the most under rated characters. he has a great all around game. if i’m in the mood to rush, i’ll use k or n. if i’m feeling turtley, i’ll pick c or a. personally, i think he excels in k. he’s so powerful, and when raged, he’s a monster.

as for strats, i feel his light punch fireball is a great move for controlling space. it also has a very quick recovery time so it can be used as a way to keep the pressure on if you’re rushing.

as for pokes, his standing medium punch is great anti air. his crouching fierce has retarded range and out prioritizes a lot of characters attacks. and don’t forget that his moves are soooo bufferable it’s not even funny. pretty much any attack can lead into a wall smash or super, or both! i like to throw out random crouching medium kicks with him when i’m in close. if any one of them lands, god help you.

i’ll say more later. it’s late and i can barely keep my eyes open. sorry if my post is a little vague. i’d really like to see some interesting strats though. i enjoy playing him but can never find any real info on him.

Rugal is nice but he would be great if his fireball had less startup =(

the start up isn’t so bad. it’s not guile quick but it still gets out there pretty fast. it’s also a surprise when done up close. people will always block it so just chase and try to harass them into making a mistake. if they roll, own em for it.

basic strats:
jump back and LP air-fireball. switch between jab and fierce to throw off DP counter timing. This move is very difficult to counter, even with DP. Most of the time you will trade, they will block or you simply land and have that extra meter.
If it hits, you can always do a lvl 1 kick super for some extra hits. In the corner, tack on a lvl 3 instead. Very abusable. I do this fireball an average of 5 times per round. sometimes none, like zangief, who has standing fierce punch. Do it so the guy has to block, too far and you will be punished.

simple b&b:

  1. as usual, c. LK x3 xx super
  2. as pointed out already, c. MK xx wall press.
    As you should know already, you can combo any lvl kick super after the wall press(both the special & super version).
  3. repeat 2) but jump in with a HK
  4. C-groove, j. HK, s. HK xx wall press, link into lvl 2 kick super, cancel into air fireball(juggled) and link another lvl 1 kick super.
  5. C-groove, c. MK xx punch super(lvl 2), cancel exactly on the last hit with HCB HP. The lvl 2 cancelled does more damage than a lvl 3 but leaves you with slightly more than a lvl 1 meter.
  6. N-groove, same as 5) but the punch super is lvl 3, then link into lvl 1 kick super.


anytime you sweep, super or knockdown the opponent, quickly do a jab kaiser wave and release. The opponent is forced to block. he can always do his lvl 3 on wake-up, but you’ll be too far and you actually recover at the same time that it hits. very safe, necessary charging technique. I love doing those kaiser waves almost as much as I like jumping back and doing dive kicks with cammy.

getting the most of out his genocide cutter super is key to properly performing the combos. practice this: HCF any kick, when it hits, essentially cancel into the cutter. in fact, you recover for the super, but you’re forced to land it at the perfect height. Either that, or miss. Once you’ve done it, you’ll see just how many hits you really can get out of a juggled super.

Wow nice, thanks for the good info, learned something new.

I think everyone I play hates Rugal, the fact that you can abuse kaiser wave from long range… man so powerful. Now I got some extra help for extra super damage.

Question though, is it possible to cancel wall crush to a super wall crush on P groove?

No. But you can just do wall crush, then the genocide cutter super.
But in C groove, you can cancel a lvl 2 super wall crush into plain old wall crush. It’s a little tough to get it consistently but it does more damage than a lvl 3.

Dope C groove combo: Crossup,, hp wall press, lv2 kick super, hp air fireball thingie, late lv1 kick super, 11000+ woot.

try j. hp, s. hk xx wall crush, lvl 2 cutter, cancel with lp fireball in the air, lvl 1 cutter.
Although it’s kinda hard to find someone foolish enough to eat the jump in fierce punch.

That’s why I listed the combo I did, who is going to get hit by a random jumpin.

supa scrubs.

I use that combo myself except i use a instead of a j.hp. Shit i think this combo alone tells how superior C groove is compared to all other grooves. Another combo i like to use with Rugal is an A groove. It’s basically started the same way as the above combo. I do a, xx into wall crush activate the bar and do contious wall crushes and as soon as the bar is about to run out do his god press super.

Yeah, i’m partial to that shit too. If I feel like doing tons of damage even stoned, that exact combo but walk forward a bit after slamming into the wall, activate and jab to set it up. Once you get it, it’s hard to miss the activation and drop him.