WTF? No SNK games on 360 or PS3!

This is too weird.

May 17, 2006

Report: SNK Playmore To Focus On Wii

Report: SNK Playmore To Focus On Wii Talking in an online interview, SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman has claimed that the Wii will receive the most support of any next generation format from the company, due to its greater suitability to the publisher?s traditional 2D games.

According to the interview on Advanced Media Network, SNK Playmore has no plans to release any further titles on the Xbox, and feels 2D games are not suitable for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Sherman also confirms that Sony of America rejected a number of 2D projects from the company for the PlayStation 2 because they did not correspond to the company?s graphical standards, as well as limiting the number of releases that featured two retro titles in one package.

SNK Playmore has already announced the compilation Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii, making the surprising announcement that the games would be retrofitted to take advantage of the Wii remote rather than just using the ?shell? controller.

The company?s plans for the Wii?s virtual console are still unclear, however, with Sherman himself admitting that that he is in talks with Nintendo about older NES and SNES titles, as well as potentially the Neo-Geo AES games for which the company is most famous. However, the greater storage size of titles such as Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, as well as possible conflicts of interest from selling titles such as Metal Slug in stores, may make this impossible.

Indeed, Sherman indicated that that the company?s interest in releasing titles for Xbox Live Arcade had been to a degree limited because of a lack of memory and a need to compress game data onto an Xbox 360 memory unit, in order to support users without a hard drive.

Well, who else is pre-ordering a Wii?

You gota love sundays SK, clearly nobody has nothing to do.

wtf? at least the controller isn’t like the old gc

From what I read here and other places, I think SNK is pacing it’s self to see if it would be worth doing anything for the next gen systems. Quote honestly, think they are acting like whiney lazy kids. I don’t wanna develope for the new systems and would rather port stuff to the Wii (which is not a next gen system). If this is their business approach, then get ready to see them got the way of Capcom and possibly lose alot of revenue, if they continue down this path.

Their reasoning is bogus. You mean I can down a rom of their games and fill less than 5 megs on my harddrive, yet they don’t want to offer then on Xbox Live arcade??? That doesn’t add up at all. They aren’t making sense… why would you download the shit to the memory unit?? Even MS said the memory units / cards weren’t meant for content (can you even download content to them?).

Regarding Sony, they simply have their heads up their asses… Its cause of them the USA missed out on a lot of 2d gems that remain in Japan. Snk… stop getting lazy!

SNK owns. it’s official. fuck the rest. wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for the fucking win

SNK isn’t allergic to money. I think what they are saying is the believe 2D games will be the best recieved on the Wii, as opposed to the graphical powerhouses that the PS3 and 360 are. I mean it’s true artistic games sell less than photorealistic games in the states, the average gamer (which is what a company has to plan for) in the states likes things to be fully 3D and as detailed as possible. The Wii crowd would seem much more forgiving in that quarter, as the graphical expectations are much less considering the hardware.

Sony isn’t allergic to money either, they stopped most of that stuff because their marketing staff thought there was not a good market for 2D games after a certain point. (They were seen as less complex, and really only worth it as collections.) Which furthers the idea of SNK shifting to Wii.

If I had to pick which one of the three consoles will be the best enviroment for 2D games, I’d have to say the Wii. Sure Xbox has it’s Xbox Live Arcade games, but really you can make more money selling games on Wii than you can on XBL Arcade.


Yeah…I don’t think you know what you’re talking about (cept for the Sony head-ass part).

I think that the problem lies with Microsoft & Sony. Isn’t rather obvious that SNK has been pushed to the point of switching platforms? That’s the only explanation that I can come up with. Let me explain my thoughts…

What I think that it boils down too is that Microsoft & Sony wants nothing but high definition games (720p and up) on their new systems and a KOF game (MVS or Atomiswave port) doesn’t look any better in 720p than it does in 480p. And I’m like 100% sure that Microsoft & Sony have been demanding that SNK had better start making their games look like a HDTV game or they’re not getting a license for the 360 & PS3. But SNK ain’t giving in to their demands, so to keep the money flowing, they’ve got no choice but to switch platforms. The article even states that they’ve stopped all development on the Xbox too – which kind of explains why KOF '94 Re-bout got canned.

And I think that the Wii is using SD cards. Which are now at the 4GB mark. So I think that it will have plenty of room for what-ever content that Nintendo wants to put on them.

How would we play King Of Fighters on a Wii controller?

Guess this is another reason to get a Wii…

Like I said in the other thread, now SNK can fail on all three major console makers.

Well…this just goes to show that 2d fighters in America will soon have to rely on importing from Japan. US just doesn’t give a shit anymore.

Well I still think its better than nothing…SNK FTW m1xh…QFT.

Us doesnt give a shit…that is certainly true…but the other players in the world is what’s keeping SNK making the 2d games…

Thanks to them the fighting game community gets a Garou sequel and got an explosion of fighting games from SNK.

Ben Herman Lol. That man talks out of his ass.

This just really confuses me. Out of all of the next gen consoles, it makes the least amount of sense to me for SNK to focus on Wii. Sure, Sony never wants their games because it hates on 2D games with low-res graphics, but why not continue to work with Microsoft?

Because Microsoft as well, made some certain standards for full retail games, and what they have to produce on the 360. SNK could always maybe release stuff through Live Arcade. But I’m pretty sure the 360 has a bunch of rules of what can make it on the system at retail.

Wii ftw.

edit: Oh yeah, and every SNK game released on the original Xbox sold like crap.

Remember, both the 360 and the PS3 are getting Maximum Impact 3 or whatever. So it’s not like their abandoning those platforms. All you Wii haters can rest at ease.

EXACTLY… It makes no sense at all. So basically they are saying they won’t (or at the very least haven’t decided) they won’t support both #1 and #2 in the console wars. Sure Sony had it on the Ps2 that they didn’t want 2d on it, but still many games still came over. As far as I know, Microsoft never had that policy, however they never had a strong japanese support base either so that was that. I don’t see Sony or Microsoft having an anti-2D on their new systems.

Oh well, only time will tell. Or revenue.

Definitely not a Wii hater here, I can’t wait for it. Though I can’t see putting all your eggs in one basket. MI and MI2 is crap, and I don’t expect much for MI3. Regarding Xbox Live… its got freaking robotron and smash tv… come on. Even SF2:Hyper is getting on it, I don’t see why Snk wouldn’t even attempt to get have KOF on it, or even Garou.

Retro controller wins so hard…

SNK isn’t trying to support MS, because 360 hasn’t yet proven it won’t be a flop in Japan like the original Xbox was.

While producing for Sony, should give them a larger market, if the PS3 retains the PS2 user base, the games would only be allowed for publication in Japan.

With Wii, they have simple hardware structure, low price and after E3, massive popularity among both developers and consumers. Not to mention one of the major selling points, being the retro games available on the virtual console, it only makes sense that their own retro games fit with the audience the Wii will attract.