WTF: PlayAsia $10 off coupon


Hiya guys, I decided to buy a few adapters on playasia to test their compability, but I need a little help. If anyone can help and provide a $5 off or preferably $10 off coupon, my purchase is above $60, it would be appreciated. I can then test, and let you know if their current stock works, or etc. Thanks, please pm me the coupon.


I got a five dollar off coupon. Hope that helps.


It did, thanks! I’ll be back, when I need more coupons :wink:


isn’t it annoying when a game cost $49.90 just 10 cents short to use a coupon.


Quite, I had that happen before, so I added a game bit lol. Thats their master plan, you think your getting a discount, but then you end up spending more, and they sell off useless stock :lovin:.


Thats sale tactics for ya.