WTF Rowdy Roddy Piper Dead - 2015 Gives No F***'s

holy shit, I had a little nap just now (beating toddlers and the elderly tires me something fierce), and I wake up to find out one of my favourite wrestlers died!!!

Shit, that whole feud between him and Austin hurts now.

Fuck you 2015, why do you hate me so?

You got a link?

Man, why can’t it ever be someone shitty who goes?

EDIT: Nevermind the link… I saw it. This fucking sucks.

just google PIPER DEAD

Piper is interview God in the Piper’s Pit

last thing he says is one of my favourite lines ever…Just when you think you got all the answers, I change the questions.

Geez… I had JUST finished playing through Saints Row 4 for the first time the other night, too.

I remember when I was six yrs old watching a match between Roddy Pipper and Bret Hart during Wrestlemania. I was a huge fan of Bret Hart and thought there was no way this guy in a skirt with a terrible theme song was going to win. Well, the match was really close. One of the best matches I’ve ever seen. Roddy had got Bret in his Sleeper-hold, which no one ever got out of–but Bret was able to reverse out of it by kicking off of the turnbuckle. Even though Roddy lost, I had newfound respect for him and became a huge fan from that point on.

I was just watching an interview with him about a month or so ago. It was pretty cool hearing his opinion on wrestling back in the day and now. You could tell he really enjoyed the competitive nature of wrestling.

RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Fuck this world. He just tweeted yesterday too.


I wonder how Ronda’s going to take this shit, especially when she has a fight tomorrow of all times.

Rest in peace Piper.

Try not to start too much shit in the afterlife.

Oddly enough, I was just thinking about that.
I already wanted her to destroy Correia because of her tasteless suicide joke, now that Ronda has ghost Roddy assist it’s gonna be a beatdown.

Fuck 2015.

I need to see this match.

In a sad way, I think the viewers for Ronda’s fight just doubled now. I’m damn sure that Piper gonna look down on Ronda beating that ass though and smile.

At least Heaven now has their own Piper’s Pit.

Yes cause let’s worry more about some marks feeling than the actual person who just died and their loved ones They left behind


Then why should we give a fuck about anyone’s feelings in here or talk about it?

The condolences going out to said loved ones go without saying. Don’t act like some bastion of righteousness.

Did Piper seem like the kind of man who’d want to people to be sad and wallow in misery after his death? No. He deserves his time, but to be celebrated. He’d want people to crack open a case and talk about how awesome he was and just enjoy life. He’d also want to know that he left his name in the right hands.

So don’t be coming in here with the bullshit “Have some damn respect for the family and worry more for them rather than anyone else”. That’s more disrespectful to Piper than anything else. You can worry about the family, while worrying about other people, while also celebrating the man’s greatness.

Always hated this sumbitch for for giving dumbasses across the pond the worst stereotype of Scotland there is. Said he fought out of Glasgow but couldnt even pronounce the city right. His wrestlin figure was defo the best though back in the day.

That said, for his role in They Live he truly is a legend that will be missed. RIP.

Was at a friend’s and just happened to look on my phone at and saw one of the headlines.
The heck all of happened? At least he went out quietly (in his sleep, from what was told).
Wonder wtf happened… but RIP, though…

Cardiac Arrest from what I hear.

well this sucks donkey balls.still bummed dusty is gone and now this :frowning:

The man’s thoughts are soften, he’s calm now. Piper fella’s relaxed, let him be.
He did what he wanted while he was here, and now he’s traveled to someplace new.

Condolences. Get well, those who share his blood.

That was the only way he could go. If he were alive, he’d have kicked out.

RIP Nada

Wasn’t a fan of pro wrestling but I loved him on It’s Always Sunny. R. I. P.