WTF Stories

Post any of your most interesting “WTF” stories, and make sure their fighting game related… or not.


hokuto no ken


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Somehow, I was expecting somebody to say that.

The entire cast of Guilty Gear.

No hate, just wtf.

dizzy is sex, and hella fun to play

up to slash at least ;(

I once heard someone say that Guilty Gear is like SF for anime nerds. He said that most of the guys he knew who were serious into GG, were the super-nerdy types that have the social skills of a goat on PMS, and spend their time doing stuff like playing magic all day long.

WTF, goat on PMS?

It’s the same dude who proclaims to “know” how to play a little of GG yet hates the people who play it. :rolleyes:

Play Magic? Do they seriously pretend to be harry potter or some shit like that? hahaha… thats too good :lol:

World of Warcraft = super geeks = Extreme Dorks

Top SF:TM Ken Player? Now thats ‘WTF’ worthy.

I think he is talking about Magic the Gathering, the popular trading card game. Which btw I like lol, what it’s fun.

I don’t have any hate to GG players or the game personally. I just think the characters are fucking whack.

Ok, I have a real WTF story that is kinda vg related…

I was in Seattle playing Marvel at the Arcade under the space needle. there was dude sitting in the random race car game watching me play. He proceeds to pull out a package of Rman noodles. He opens the package, gets the “brick” of noodle out, sprinkles the seasoning on the brick, and eats it. I had a very “WTF” look on my face after that.

I’m tha BEST!!!111

well, gg = anime = gay pretty much became a established rule on srk while while mvc2 = marvel characters = cool for whatever reason.

hey, it’s all good. all gg players embrace the joke anyway.


Ohhhhhhhh… that magic, I’ve played that game before, never honestly liked it though. Also I love the GG characters, they have a lot of “uniqueness” to them.

hey dudes, there’s a street fighter alpha game and an anime based on it…
where’s the hate? :rofl:

WTF story:
I beat Jae Purvis with my scrubby ass Elena when there was still an arcade in upstate SC. He literally said “What the fuck?!” and had a distinguished countenance of disgust on his face.

I’ve seen lots of people do that.

Must be a west coast thing, you sick fucks. lol