WTF !!!

K so last night while playing AE for ps3, i custom searched for a ranked match … i get into the pre game lobby . where you choose from a list of players to fight…and seen 2 of the EXACT same name in the list at the same time…this person goes by the name happiness_ninja. i took a screenshot just to make sure i wasnt trippin out. now my question is …am i an idiot or is this possible/allowed??

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything fighting game related. But… on xbox I would play halo against people with the same name that were on 2 different xbox’s. So maybe its possible on ps3 also. Maybe its lag on the loading menu, or two names that just look the same. Not really sure.

i will stress that the names were completly identicle . and once you log in with one it should be impossible to log in under the same name again as it is already in use…??? anyone with answers?

Was one ‘happiness_ninja’ and the other ‘happiness_ninja(2)’?

Probably just a server hiccup, this shit used to happen all the time on Third Strike AE for XBox and CVS2 occasionally.

I saw this same thing haha. The funny thing about said character was he had lobbies open all night, and everytime i tried to join it wouldn’t allow it. After giving up on him and refreshing over and over looking for green bars, and seeing him everytime… Two of them! Probably just a glitch or he was doing something funky. Might explain why no one seemed to be able to join him. Weird stuff.