Apparenly someone has been impersonating me on kaillera… how retarded is that… I hope the guy can play a3 reasonably well at least…


over the past 2 weeks slide, true tech, jeebus and ryu1999 have all been on kaillera with 56-59 ping playing x-blanka

Shrug It happens to everyone. I had someone make fun of me for losing to him in Last Blade back in the day, and I had no idea who he was.

Why do I get the feeling the Alpha 3 impersonator is CDL or something.

I’m being accused of dropping on people in SSF2T, after winning with E Honda…I don’t even play that game.

It was probably Mr. Karate. Honda is his main.

you can add Big red 5 to the list

you dont play ST ? ? i played you earlier you were very good but didnt say a word LOL

That is some stupid shit. My mame hasn’t even been working for the last couple months :bluu:

I’m not even in the U.S.

Also, when i used to be on kal, who the hell used the characters I do the way i used them anyway(good or bad)?

I don’t rock x-blanka.

I wonder who decided to be all dope and impersonate me jacked up.