Has anyone seen the 3sLinkCombos video on…Theres a part in the video where Remy does the following on a crouching ken (all connects):

Ken in corner, Remy on other side of teh screen.

Low sb, dash dash, cr. lk, SAI, cr. lk, SAI

It all connects (13 hits)…so yea i was wondering how the heck this was done. I can occasionally get cr. lk after SAI, but the timing has to be right.

The timing has to be right or it won’t work.

I managed to get the cr. lk to connect after SAI, then immediately did the SAI, but the first LOVs go over ken and once they do connect it’s not even a combo anymore =( has anyone else gotten this to work?

Perhaps the distance has to be just right. Why not just link another saI instead? It’s only 1 more hit with the anyway.

True. Plus both of those combos are not very practical at high level play any ways. The damage isn’t worth wasting 2 bars for. That super is mainly used for EX and the super is just use to help zone the opponent out/combo situations after a neutral throw in the corner. The super doesn’t create knockdown either which doesn’t help.

but it looks so cool :sad:

hehe I know it’s impractical, I much rather use my EX for RRF :smiley:

That combo is actually ok if you get urien in the freeze glitch. After 4 taunts and a jump in fierce, cl.fierce xx saI x saI he should be about stunned…Is that even legal in tournament play?

ehhh even if it was, getting 4 taunts in a match is sooo frekain easy :confused:

I’ve actually been working on that lately…it’s hard but not impossible, and all u really need in one and take advantage of it quickly. Best stun bar increase combo = jump in HP, standing MK, standing HK…takes a ton of stun, specially after taunts. Yea, it’s not the easiest combo to pull of during a battle cause of the jump in, but it’s nice to know there are possibilities.

taunt bonus resets tho after a hit.

anti air sa1 gives you a free taunt because the juggles from the super have the opponent in the air for a long time. and since they got hit by super they cant tech roll to come after you. so a taunt is guaranteed after pretty much any full to mid screen anti air sa1…

pretty good damage with using two bars in one combo (especially on crouch). if you wanna build meter faster for super art 1, play the meter build game with his crouching roundhouse on the other side of the screen.

like we know how chun likes to do back fierce out of range so she’s safe not to be swept its the same for remy he just needs to be farther away. meter build is faster if you do a whiff cr roundhouse after a knock down.

or, just dont do the move to hit, do it so they chase you and trip into it. gobs of meter. so much easier to play him if you got a bar always, cr roundhouse is a good meter build whiff and if they run into a hit of it, you get bonus meter cus one kick whiffs.