doesn’t anyone use E. Honda anymore or at all?


I alternate him with Blanka in K


Yeah, I use E. Honda in K-Groove once in a while. Only when I feel like turtling with his l33t tactics which consist of sitting on your ass and LP Headbutting. :lol:


I play K-Honda.

Honda has bad matchups vs. Guile, Hibiki, Vega, Cammy.
I think Yama as well. Dunno for sure tho, since I dont play good Yamas.

You can c.jab Cammy’s spiral arrow.
The timing isnt actually that hard.
You just gotta be expecting it.
Fierce headbutt punishes blocked cannon spike.

His wake up game is pretty shitty.
360 helps this out lots. If it wiffs, it recovers VERY fast.
So fast you can block most any attempt at punishment, or counter it with slap.

Sagat’s j.rh should be giving you problems.
If youre cool with trades, b.rh trades with it.
If youre ahead/even on life, or on stun, it might just be worth it.

Ghetto bait tactic, cr.fierce, super.
People tend to try and punish laggy ass cr.fierce.
You can cancel it into super after he has fully extended his hand but before he retracts it.
(might only work with lvl 3)

Getto cross up. After knockdown, run twoards and hold df, then butt splash over their bodies on wake up.

Jab headbutt on wake up loses to low attacks everytime.
Beats lots of other shit tho.

You can punish Blanka ball with fierce headbutt.

cr.fierce hits very fast, use to punish jab uppercut whores.