WTH I bought a fight stick tournament edition from amazon


I purchased a MadCatz fight stick TE on Amazon through Beach Audio it was $186 with shipping. I just purchased the stick today, and I get a confirmation from them saying it was Saitek. The link on my order history on Amazon says madcatz, and now the price shot up to $263. What the heck is Saitek? Does anyone have any experience with this company are they decent?


Mad Catz bought Saitek in 2007…same company.


Yeah, I jumped the gun when I should have just google searched first. Oh well, thanks for the info :slight_smile:


So you paid $263.00 for it?



I do love my Saitek keyboard. I knew someone had bought Saitek but I didn’t know it was Madcatz. How funny.


Nope they changed the price after, that is why I got worried.

I should be more clear, I had some drinks tonight with some friends so forgive me lol… The price shot up, but my order confirmation and price did not change :slight_smile:


Yeah I find prices for stuff shooting up when I drink too…


Yeah I posted the same thing in some other thread.

It’s still a TE stick by Mad Catz even though the confirmation said Seitek.

I don’t know why your price went up though.


Here it is :


And I posted on the Playstation forums as well. Other users confirmed it as being legit.

We should be fine bro :wink:


I would rep you, but I cant lol… Thanks bro :slight_smile: I cannot wait for the darn thing to arrive, time to cancel my order from Lizardlick :slight_smile: (I have an SE that I was going to upgrade but oh well :slight_smile: )


I should have been more clear on this, my price did not go up, but the link to the page I had in my order history went up… If they changed the price of what I purchased that would have been in my opinion illegal.