WTR1BE-Gaming League--MICHIGAN



**Original Post from FreddieAudio at **Upcoming SSF4 Events

Sorry for the delay in updates, but I will begin posting more frequently to keep everyone updated on what’s going on.
This upcoming Tuesday we will be hosting another set of casuals for SSF4. Again we will have just one set-up so far, but if anyone else can bring an additional set-up just let me know! It will help the rotations go much quicker. I’m planning on setting up a tournament in the near future, so if you are interested please contact me or check the forums and post for further details.

For any of you SSF4 players that are interested in playing online tournaments, you should definitely check out GAMERSVID.COM. They host online tournaments on a regular basis, and usually they’re free with a decent payout. The next Gamersvid online tournament will be taking place on January 6 - 7. This one will be a $5 entry fee with a 32 player cap. I have already registered…so maybe I’ll see some of you on there?

Until next time.

Everyone at the event had a great time and we look forward to another LFG W33KLY EVENT!

We have recently posted posters in the Bernhard Center on WMU campus and will be shortly posting more flyers around campus and in the dorms. Spread the word and tell your friends! We are planning on having weekly tournaments both casual and competitive. The competitive weekly ones will be for $10 1st place and these are subject to change. For poor college kids who will already being playing you might as well play for money!

And so it was decided that on November 30th the year 2010, WTr1be-Gaming would hold its first event at Titan Games & Music in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Starting at 5:30pm, we had a small trickle of Starcraft 2 people coming in to join the event. At 6:30pm, FreddieAudio and a gang of SSF4 players rolled in and ready for some gaming. Not only was the first event a success we look forward to having many more people join us in future events, held EVERY TUESDAY @ 5:30pm @ Titan Games & Music!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for the system, just comment!

As always, be sure to bring your own controllers and/or games that you may want to play other than SSF4 and SC2. Those two games are the primary ones right now but we are definitely open to adding more. If someone would like to champion another game, they would be in charge of getting people and keeping track of that game’s ladder system and so on.

If there are any suggestions for drinks/foods for the next weekly event post in the forum topic!

If you can bring a TV or xbox please contact FreddieAudio@gmail.com to set this up with him. I’m sure he’s looking for more people to bring in more stuff for the group.