WTS:1 Pelican converter 35 shipped

converters ONLY 1!

Is it possible to put 1 pelican on hold?

kugali u still want that grey ascii case. i have it for sell. u had pm last year asking me if would be selling and u might want it. If so LMK thansks…

Gerald, i can put one on hold. Just pm me if you need paypal. thanks
Meus, good looking out. I need to finish couple of other sticks. I dont know how long it might be until I’m done. I’ll hit u up asap if you still got it. If that’s cool with you. thanks

stick has been sold. coverters left. thanks

if u want we can trade my case for ur ps2 to ps3 converter.

trading both im assuming for your case? lmk thanks

Sure let me know i can also throw in the ascii pcb for free if u want it.

its all good you can keep the pcb, I still have 1 left. But can you throw in the vmu slot pcb and start button pcb (and the start button)?

Sure u have deal.

sad face. sorry meus again, I was double checking the pelicans but one of the converters doesn’t register up and down for some reason. One work but the other one is crapping out. again sorry for wasting your time. I just dont wanna send a broken item.

fukin double post

still will take one.