WTS (1) PS prehacked pads

I have for sale (1) PS prehacked pads…read description and prices below.

Pad - SOLD


This is a PSOne analog pad(with a wire for the analog button as well.) The wire lengths for each button is about 1.25’ and will come with (8) .187" quick disconnects and (18) .110" quick disconnects. They are not crimped on since you might want to cut the wire to length for a clean install once you have the pad fixed to you box. I also solder the wire directly on the ribbon thing for a small footprint for the pad. This will be for $30 shipped via USPS priority mail to the lower 48 states(international shipping extra.)

One last thing, I will be getting a couple more PSOne analog pad soon to hack and put up for sale. Do you guys prefer how I did it like this one or would you guys rather I leave the other part on and solder the wire to that instead? Thanks for looking!

PM sent

All PM replied and these are pending.

if you still have one i will DEFENITLEY BUY ONE…

let me know…

All pm replied and these are sold to Scoops, just waiting on money order. Thanks for looking and check back soon for more(maybe.)

nice hacking skills man, good luck with the sale, :rock:

if you still got one let me know i might wanna buy one

Bump for new pre hacked pad…

Keep your eye out for this post next week :wink:

price lowered bump…

Sorry to derail, but where do you get the Nylon sleeves, seems like a good way to manage wires, instead of using a cable tie, rubberband twist whatever thing.
But you also offer a tie anyways, but it’s a Heat tie? Is that just any ordinary tie but brand labeled, or does it actually offer more “features”?

I get them at Fry’s or if you want different colors try here…

Not sure what you mean about the tie question, the one I include goes over the end of the sleeves and you heat them up with a heat gun or lighter to make it shrink. It will create a tight seal around the sleeve.

Bump for 2 new PS pads for sale. Thanks!

wtf… how do you solder to the small pins in the ds pad? thats godlike soldering skills :looney:

yo i need one of those ps pads