WTS: $100 amazon gift card: $90

Selling a $100 amazon.com gift card code for $90. Got it as a gift but I need cash more.

Bump. Giving this til sunday night before I just find another way to use it myself.

Would you do 75? I may even do 80 if it’s a tangible card that is shipped to me instead of the ecard one. Otherwise, I’m out. :slight_smile:

It’s a card code. If you’re worried about me trying to rip you off you can check out my feedback on ebay and my srk feedback in the feedback forum.

ebay username vmf425 100% positive feedback 35 rating.

Looking for 90 firm, any less and i’ll just use the card myself when i need books or something.

It’s cool, don’t doubt you but not really looking to spend that much when I probably won’t use it for 6 months to a year.