WTS: 15th Anniversary SF Arcade Joystick by Nubytech $80

Box in OK condition, joystick in good condition, and the art ( beside what is on the box) is in excellent condition. $80

I’m selling this on craigslist too: http://houston.craigslist.org/vgm/5134621383.html

First come first served. PM me, or post.

thought this looked familiar, see it everyday on CL when im doing my random searches lol. Good luck with the sale

I ended up putting mine out in the alley because I was so sick of hauling it around. Disappeared in less than a day.

A couple things (in the interest of being helpful):

You’re asking too much for the stick at $125. I sold one here for around $80 a couple years back. (I had 2; I kept the other one.) The major things are that most people are going to want to replace the stock parts with Happ parts, which will be another investment. In addition, the chances are pretty good they’re going to want the stick to work with a PS3/360+. (Which will cost money and/or time).

All that aside, I love the SFAC. I actually swapped my buttons/stick for Happ parts and had mine dual-mod’d. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a bat top, convex kind of guy, the SFAC rules.