WTS 160GB PS3 Slim 3.50ofw and Games


I bought this PS3 to go into a project cab I was working on, but I not going to be able to finish it. So I am selling the system and some of my game collection.

160GB Playstation 3 slim system. Because this was for a project that was never finished, it has seen very little use. It is on 3.50 OFW and has never been updated or hacked. Comes with one Sixaxis controller, power cord, A/V cable, box and documentation. $250 + shipping

PS3 Games (All Games New/Sealed and Shipped)
Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel $75
Dark Souls Collectors Edition $60
Atelier Totori Premium Edition $60
Atelier Rorona $30
Super Street Fighter IV AE $30
Disgaea 4 $30
Marvel vs Capcom 3 Special Edition $35
Trinity Universe (New/Sealed) $35
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 $35

Other Games (Open/Used and Shipped)
Super Street Fighter IV PS3 $10
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Gamecube (no manuel) $25



Bumping for a really good game collection :tup: