WTS 1st Gen PS3, 8 games, plus 2 controllers

Ok Guys, im selling my PS3. Its the 1st gen model that plays all PS1 and PS2 games and has a 20 gb hard drive. It does NOT have all those memory card slots however. it comes with a 1st party controller and a 3rd party wired controller which cools your hands as you play. The games it comes with are…

Resistance: Fall of Man
Assassin’s Creed
Tony Hawk Project 8
Unreal Tournament III
Ridge Racer 7
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Its all for $250 bucks. Im only selling to people who live in NYC(or if you come to NYC to pick it up) as I am not about to ship something to some random person on the interwebs and expect them to send me a check or money order. Idk about you, but I’d feel more comfortable doing it face to face. Hit me up on the following if you are interested…

Aim: iM CuMMiN Back
Cell: 347-472-2105
Email: MJacks1186@yahoo.com


Price has been lowered to 275 dollars. Get it now before is sold!!!

PM sent.

Price has been lowered to $250. A backwards compatible PS3 with 8 games and 2 controller, and I’ll even throw in my wireless headset all for just 250 bucks? Come on!!!

its a shame you’re not willing to ship this. i would have been all over it.

^^Saaaaaaame here…