WTS: (2) 360 presoldered padhacks and (2) CHIMP SMDs


Gutting my arcade cabinet as I have sold all of my 360 stuff and figure I should sell the guts. I do not think I have ever posted in the Trading Outlet as I typically only mod/sell locally, but DaRabidDuckie(John) can vouch for my work. Duck, come vouch for my work, damn you.

Anyway, selling (2) Madcatz presoldered 360 pads and (2) Chimp SMDs.

Perfect for anyone wanting a dual mod.


ALL of it for $120.

(1) 360 presoldered pad and (1) Chimp SMD = $60.
(1) 360 presoldered pad = $40.
(1) Chimp SMD = $25.
(2) 360 presoldered pads = $60.
(2) Chimp SMDs. = $50.

Shipping: $5.

I think that about covers all combinations. Obviously I want it all to go. I live in Mississippi and if you have any questions let me know.


Oh yeah, a picture I just took after gutting out my cabinet(that’s player 2 side… player 1 looks identical, obviously):


Yeah, I can vouch for this guy’s work. If he’s still selling these, that is.