WTS: 2 Agetic DC stick

I have 2 Agetic sticks for sale. 45 US Shipped each or 80 US shipped for both. I’m willing to sell international but you have to cover every cost of it. I also have the original boxes as well.


Both sticks work great and are pretty much brand new. I used them for about a month until i got my own custom stick and now I’m ready to get rid of them.

Thanks for looking

AIM- BobbysWorldFoSho

or just PM me

EDIT: I’m also willing to trade for other sticks (custom, MAS, etc) or whatever you have to offer =]

ill give u a custom mas perfect 360 for both of them its in very good condition and it has the capcom vinyl on it if not ill definately buy 1 of tem for 45

pm sent

Ill take that offer for the Mas, pics?

PM sent

i also have good feedback u can check it inuser feedback =]

I’ll buy one of them tomorrow. I’ll pm and stuff when I wake up.

Both sticks have been traded. Thank for the PMs!

Wow, damnit that was fast.
I guess WTB thread are basically useless…
Well next if one of em doesn’t work out…

there’s been a lot of agetecs on ebay lately. I saw one the other day for like 45 buyout plus 15 or so shipping, I almost scooped it but I have too many sticks as it is.

Yeah I’ve been watchin’ but the shipping is killer usually. Good lookin’ out though, man.

my bad. I looked at some WTB threads for agetec sticks, but everytime i looked, someone usually got there before i did. And yeah, I was bored last night and i posted the thread pretty late, so sorry for those who dont sleep late

How much do Agetec’s usually go for though? Like how is too much? I have 3 of them still in the box when i came back from Tokyo a couple of months back

I think they sold for 49.99 US dollars when they first came out. Nowadays there kinda hard to get brand new. I usually see them for around 40-50 US dollars used.

I managed to cop one at Final Round courtesy of Monkee77 for like, 40 bones. You can probably stretch that on eBay(if you’re willing to sell there) to about 70 dollars.