WTS: 2 Cerberus Boards, MLG TE, PS4 HRAP


Mad Catz MLG TE Stick - Has smoke side panels and shaft cover installed, a Cerebrus Dual Mod to work with PS3 (firmware can be updated to work with PS4 with 8 minute timeout), and RJ-45 Jack installed in the cord door. There’s a few stickers on the side and bottom panels. Only real issue is the cord door doesn’t like to stay shut since it’s missing a piece of the closing tab. The top panel is from the Tekken Hybrid TE stick. I think I still have the original artwork somewhere and can put it back on if the buyer wants it. Comes with Rj-45 to USB cable. Also, for some reason stick doesn’t auto detect Xbox 360 all the time, so I just made a habit of forcing it into 360 mode when using it there by holding X (Light Punch) button when plugging it in. PS3 and PC modes work fine. $70 shipped.





PS4 HRAP V4 - Only used for a few months. Has plexi and custom art all Sanwa parts. $100 shipped.


2 Phreakmods Cerberus Boards - One has been used (about 1 month of use) and the other is brand new still in original packaging. Selling these for $20 shipped a piece or $35 shipped together.

Xbox 360 Round 2 TE - Bought this off a guy off ebay and it’s pretty beat, but still works. I imagine user left in a garage or storage building for a long time. Missing cord door, bottom panel rusted and has some indentation. Friend lost two of the rubber feet, so I’ll probably remove the last two before shipping. $50 (OBO/Trades) + shipping. SOLD

Mad Catz Stick Bag - Used this for about 6 months, in great condition. $30 + shipping SOLD

Hitbox style metal panel for TE stick - Bought this for a project but never ended up using it $20 + shipping SOLD

PS360+ - Installed in a stick, but only used for about a month. Has velcro on the bottom from the install. Not sure which version it is, but bought this a couple years ago. $35 + shipping SOLD

Red TE2 Side Panels - These came off my Xbox One TE2, in pretty good condition with maybe a minor scratch or two. $10 + shipping. SOLD

Xbox 360 Mad Catz Brawl Pad - Bought this for a potential mod but never used it. Still sealed. $12 + shipping. SOLD


PM sent


@Freesway is the MLG stick still available?


$37 shipped for the TE2.
Pm me if your interested


PM Sent


@studtrooper It’s still available.

Also, going to add some more stuff tonight.



Do you still have the original blue & red MLG TE sides?

If they’re in good shape I’ll take 'em.


@Freesway could I get a picture of the cord bay and the ethernet->USB connection? Very interested in this.


@Feargus001100 They’re a little faded, but I’ll take pics tonight.

@studtrooper I’ll take pics tonight as well.


Added two new items.


Could I possibly get those extra pics of the mlg stick? I’m pretty much ready to buy.


Original buyer for MLG TE back outed, relisting with updated price.


Lemme get them Red TE2 side panels too @Freesway if you haven’t mailed my other stuff out yet!!!


Price dropped on MLG stick.


items received thanks =)


Bump, new stuff added. Will post pics when I get home today.


Price dropped on stick


Dropped price on MLG TE and added PS4 HRAP V4.