WTS : 2 Copies of SSF4:AE for PC

Selling 1 copy of SSF4 AE for PC. These were purchased part of steams 4 pack deal for SSF4:AE. I was looking to find a group to purchase the games, but I wasn’t able to.

Asking $30 FIRM.

Please PM me if interested, i will send you the game through Steam (Gifting) as soon as payment is processed through Paypal.

Dude, for sake of argument, make another post.
You’re supposed to have 50 when you make these… you have 49

Don’t ask for additional $$ to cover PayPal fees. Read the rules please.

I don’t think he asked. He said 32 bucks and what most people would read is why the extra two, he’s just saying…

“He’s not an butcher, he just cuts up meat all day then sells it in a storefront.” ; )

I just want to get rid of the extra copy. PC version runs much better and smoother on PC, but there’s still some issues Crapcom has to work out.

Just out of curiosity… What kind of issues?

Well asking for $32 specifically isn’t asking to cover Paypal fees…if he asks $30 for it, can’t we also just assume he’s actually looking for $28 and he’s trying to cover Paypal fees?

Too much crap in this thread.

PC version is buggy with keyboards, if you go over to crapcom forums and steam forums, you’ll notice a large amount of people with wireless logitech keyboards are not being detected by the game. Frame rate must also be set to fixed to avoid FPS drops. other than that the game is golden, runs sweet on my machine and is much better than the console counterpart (faster load times, no input lag, 1080p+ resolutions, modding community)

Would you be interested in a Hori EX2 hitbox case or (2) PS3 bluetooth headsets in exchange for gifting me a copy?

The edit tool is acting up!!! Here is the thread incase you wanna see the case.

Infusion, please check your PM.

Also if you continue to look on the Steam forums, you will notice a post by Sven at Capcom saying they will release a patch this coming Monday the 11th to fix problems with keyboard input prepherials and possibly others.