WTS: 2 HAPP Sticks

I have two happ stick for sale. One is for Xbox 360 and the other is for PS3. I am asking $150 shipped to the US for the 360 stick and $140 shipped for the PS3 stick. International buyers please contact me for shipping rates. Both sticks have the same identical parts which are happ p360 optical joystick, happ competition buttons, and all cherry switches. I got these sticks from a friend, and am not sure who made the cases. Both sticks are slightly used and very durable, don’t miss out!

This is the PS3 stick: I just noticed that this stick is missing one rubber foot, so i am now asking for $140 shipped.

This is the Xbox 360 stick:

Wish I could PM, How much for the Xbox 360 one? I get paid on the 3rd

look kinda like old Dreadedfist sticks

I’m sorry guys, but the 360 stick is on hold for now. If the buyer backs out then i will put it back on the market. I am asking $150 shipped. I think KRaZzY is correct, they do look like the old school Dreadedfist sticks. The PS3 stick is still up for grabs. I made one correction to the price of the PS3 stick. Please check original post.

What kind of pcb does the PS3 stick have in it?

It has a PS3 Cuthulu PCB

There only the 8 buttons?

Is it easy to open up to change the pcb?

@ J.Scogz: yes, it only has those 8 buttons
@ Trippfan: yes it is easy to open. The case has four (4) Phillips screws underneath it.
The 360 stick is still on hold.

check PM : )

PS3 stick on hold as well. sticks not sold yet, just waiting for payments.

The PS3 stick is sold.

360 stick is sold. Nothing else to sell.