WTS - 2 HRAP2s, sticks galore!

I have a bunch of sticks for sale because they never get any use. Please buy and enjoy them :tup:

EDIT - All sticks on EBay now.

Modded X-Arcade Solo


Hori Real Arcade Pro 2


Street Fighter Anniversary


Here is my feedback thread:


I’ll take CvS2.

PM’d ya

:sad: Dammit.

PM sent.

Interested in HNK

second on HNK

He didn’t PM me. If you guys really want something PM me your offer. If you just post in here saying you want it that pretty much means nothing :rofl:

P.M. Sent

pm sent

Guilty Gear, CvS2, and SFAC are pending sale. HnK is pending with one person in line. Everything still available.

Is CvS2 pending to me? I really hope someone didn’t PM you for it after I made the first post in your thread for it >:|

Someone PM’ed about the same time. Sorry PM takes precedence over posting in the thread. I think that’s the general rule right?

Dammit. Do a time stamp comparison and give it to the person who messaged first!

pm’ed for Melty Blood

Ill take Arcana Heart, Melty someday, also I mentioned already, but your adapter is coming to back to you, also someday X_X. I been more X_X than you can imagine, but I am still alive :wink: kinda.

HnK and Melty Blood now pending as well.

Melty Blood sold.

I have listed every fighting game I have for sale, except ONE! I’ve had it for years but I guess maybe now since I’m selling everything else I might as well sell it too. I’m still not 100% about selling it but I’ll post it just to see if there is interest in it so…new game added :sad:

Thats the DC one? It worth that much?