WTS: 2 Lightning Label Stick Cases

2 Lightning Label stick cases up for sell. They are hard maple, come with lexan top and lexan bottom and feet. 1 is 9 x 13.5 and the other is 9 x 12. Both have been sanded to 1500 grit sandpaper are awaiting layout from buyers. Both can hold 8 button layouts with plenty of space. The bigger one already has holes drilled in case for home start select and neutrik. The smaller one will be drilled to the buyers specs whether it be side or back. U can buy the cases as is if you prefer to drill yourself for a true DIY experience. These are the only 2 for sale right now but more to come soon. My Site will also be updated with stick and modding info soon. 9x13.5 is 70 plus 10 shipping and smaller one is 60 plus 10 shipping. Thanks for looking!

sending you a pm right now about the bigger case.

9x13.5 case sold. thank you much sir mailing out tomorro.