Wts:2 madcatz TE shells & Hori T6 wireless shell (pics up)


Selling 2 stick shells:
One is a TE-S shell with art & plexi, the other is a T6 wireless shell, these are just empty shells

The TEs shell with plexi and art is $85 shipped

i havent had time to gut the stick yet but this is it

Tekken 6 wireless shell is $40 shipped

i drilled a hole in the back to make it wired. and obviously the case is painted purple


im interested if u can post some pictures up… that will be great…


Cant upload right now :confused: photo bucket is acting up on me whats your email? (I currently only have pics of the TE-S)


pics up of the TEs


do u have the guide assembly with these shells? could u post pictures up on the other stick case?


No guide assembly, I’ll have the other pics up in a minute… I can take $10 off if the guide is that important


pics of other stick up


added T6 wireless shell


decided to keep MvC3 shell >.>