WTS: 2 player stick project

I’m looking to sell my 90% complete 2 player case. All it needs is a bottom and some parts and it’ll be good to go. It’s set up for Sanwa JLFs and 30mm snap in buttons of your choice. Both sides are vewlix layout:

You can check out the worklog here:


Looking to get $150 + shipping for it (not sure what it’s gonna cost, but it’s pretty large.)

Uh…? Hm…Thats kinda strange and overpriced…Whats it made of?

Well considering he linked to the worklog where he says it’s covered in fibreglass. This is definitely NOT overpriced, I don’t even know if he’ll get his costs back. How many people can you get a fiberglass case from? Let alone a 2p? If I had the time to finish this project I’d be all over it.


O.o I kinda wish someone would defend my product this vigorously.

That’s one hell of a crazy cool design. If I wasn’t working/planning on my own 2P stick right now, I’d definately buy it. I shall call it…the boomerang. :rofl:

Damn fiber glass are you serious?

that’s kind of sad that you are selling it =\ good luck!

Thanks, guys. I just don’t have the time or funds to finish it.

Quick question . . . What is the distance between the joystick and the 3 buttons in the center of the console? What is the approx. weight and dimensions? Just trying to get an idea what it would cost to ship to CA. Thanks!

1: 8.5"

2: 29" at the widest

3: it’s hefty. I’m not that good at judging weight, but it’s probably like 10-15 pounds.

The measurements don’t really take into account the curvature. Theres plenty room for 2 normal sized guys to play it just fine.

If you’re really interested i could take it down and get a shipping quote for you.

Panda could you get me a shipping quote for 11230 thanks

Sure thing. I’ll do it tomorrow. not sure if anything is open today.

Hell, if it’s still up for grabs. I’m interested now.

Are there holes to mount a stick?

There is hardware to mount parts already there. I had a bit of a problem with that part and need to repair it before i sell it. Glad i found it out before one of you guys did. i’ll try to get it sorted asap.

did you sell all of your solo cases? i remember you made a bunch but i don’t remember if you sold them all or not haha