WTS: 2 PSP 2001's (One broken screen, one bricked) and Assassins Creed 360 - ON EBAY


These were just put on eBay, but thought I’d put these up on SRK too.

Please note that I’m not the original owner of these PSPs, I intended to use them to make a whole working one, but now I don’t think I can be bothered. So selling them on.

  1. Black Sony PSP 2001 - $69.99 + $8 shipping. SOLD

It has a cracked screen, and not much can be made out. However, it still powers on. When I insert a UMD I can hear sounds and press buttons, just can’t see whats going on. Its a little roughed up obviously from being dropped. Some scratches, particularly on the lower front casing. The battery cover also doesn’t stay in place as well as it could. This comes with a wall charger, battery, 2GB Memory Stick, 2 games (Medal of Honour:Heros and NFB Street 2: Unleashed) and a gel protector.


  1. Sony PSP 2001 - Bricked, otherwise okay condition - $54.99 + $8 shipping. SOLD

It seemes to be bricked. No life from the unit. When plugged into mains a power light appears but thats about it… Overall, in an okay condition. Light scratches on the unit. It is missing the battery cover, and the battery itself has been taped together it seems. Also comes with a car charger and 2GB Sandisk memory card.


  1. Assasin’s Creed for Xbox 360 - $9 + free shipping **SOLD

So yeah, these are up on eBay. Check them out, if you have any question please ask.


you should pandora battery that bricked one. might be able to work depending on the mobo. then you can sell it for more or keep it.

EDIT: now that i think about it you said the battery was taped together so it might already be a pandora battery. if so that battery cannot power the unit, but it does appear to be bricked if it cant turn on when plugged in.

Thanks for the advice. Looked into it more, the reason this one might have not worked is because the previous guys have broken the wrong pin on the battery.

Going to keep these up for sale for a little while before i think about attempting to salvage them.

Also, AC has now been sold on eBay.